Most Epic Brute Force Competition 2018



Nice, I’ll have a look at that.


The one thing it doesn’t do search for thread starters, not that I can easily see.

What I tried.


That will help a lot. I can look at the personal post history I think to find threads started. Will have a proper look this coming weekend.


Maybe, once we’ve created our thread we should post a link to it in this thread like we used to do with the Brute force comp.


Nah that’s not necessary. I’ll hopefully code a little scraper this coming Saturday morning. Or something like that. Haven’t investigated it yet.


Solitude is…


Will it help if we add a tag that people can use on their threads to show that a thread is for the competition?


That’s a very good idea but may not be necessary. I’ll check on Saturday and if I don’t come right then we can maybe do that.


Okay no, it’s more difficult than I thought. I would either need database access or I should remove the requirement of 10 unique thread replies.

I’m thinking that @MetalSoup’s idea of tagging your entry for the week is a good one.

What do you guys think?

Then just have your weekly created thread with a tag to specify that it’s your brute force entry?


I can give you API access if that will help?

Don’t think direct database access is possible or recommended — security and whatnot. It’s Redis anyway.


There’s an API? Oooo cool yes that may help. Thanks!


Here are the docs. Will send you the key via DM.


Thanks! Busy reading it now.


Webhooks are also a thing, but I think the API is what you’re after:


Thanks, while going through the API I saw that I can use the search on the API and also make use of the normal Advanced Search on the site. So we are sorted with the original rules. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!


So many good reaction GIFs for this situation, but I think I’ll go with The Donald’s expression of excitement:


So all sorted then or tag still?


All sorted. :slight_smile:


I think I’ve met the 10 unique thread replies requirement, will have to double check.


I just saw that and I was dam I knew I missed something.