Most Epic Brute Force Competition 2018



It sometimes becomes difficult making threads week in week out. Sometimes I’ve tried for 2 a week.


A big round of applause for:





Almost there all of you!



This coming week is the last week!


Wow, suddenly its the last week.


Top work by all 3 :clap:


We have our 3 winners!


Very nicely done! It was a tough job and all of you did great! MEW thanks you!

@SIGSTART will you do the honours and draw a winner?


Thanks guys and good luck everyone!


Congrats to all the people!! Well done on getting all the threads created and doing all the work. The added activity is greatly appreciated.


I was able to do this draw with a die roll: 1–2 was @DarthMol; 3–4 was @czc; and 5–6 was @Wyvern.

Rolled a 5.

Congrats @Wyvern! You are the winner of the Most Epic Brute Force prize for 2018.


What seriously?! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!


Congrats @Wyvern


Congrats @Wyvern! Well deserved!

@Blazzok - R100
@DarthMol - R100
@DieGrootHammer - R100
@czc - R100
@Mottamort - R100
@Solitude - R100
@Talentloos - R200
@Wyvern - R100

You were all the sponsors! Um yes, @Wyvern you sponsored yourself. Thank you very much to all of you! If you can please pm @Wyvern and ask her how to pay her. Then @Wyvern if you don’t hear from these people if you can please pm them.

Nicely done everyone!


Well done @Wyvern! You definitely deserved the win considering you didn’t even get one strike against you during the whole competition.

Be ready to receive R100 worth of glitter! /joke


Can we pay in Bitcoin?


Ironically that would make me happy!

Like I keep saying is Glitter is magical fibers of love

@SIGSTART I would accept it, but I has no bitcoins anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Damnit. i didnt actually think someone was going to make it


Congrats on you 3 going the distance.


And congrats on the win @Wyvern