Most Epic Brute Force Competition 2018



Ah awesome! Thanks @DarthMol! :smiley:

That means everyone was succesful!


Good. We need new threads every week.


Nicely done you three! It’s getting close to the end of the competition!



Here’s my thread/article for the week: Delta Rune


I’m sorry @DarthMol but that’s now my article.



You also a fan of Undertale?


Quite honestly, I haven’t played it yet. Hope to do so one day.


It’s worth it - if not just for the way it takes gaming cliches or norms and presents them in a new or subverted way. Even though it shares similarities with other games there’s nothing quite just like it.


Well done you three! Only a month to go!



Grats guys!


Good going.


It’s crazy to think we’re nearly at the end!


Well done! Almost there you three!



Legends, all three!


Hahaha I think the other two are the legends - I somehow just survive each week


Says the “no strikes against her” lady!


Dude, just because he was lenient hehe I have been willing to take the strike, thanks to the exams.


Ah so it’s a case of favouritism then ! :grin:


Haha she organised beforehand.


Yar I warn when I know im close to failing in my duties. I was lucky to each time have a post or thread just in time.