Most Epic Games of the Year 2018 Discussion

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it’s that time of the year. The time we reflect back on the year in gaming and fight over which games have been the best games to come out. And this year we’ll be doing it properly. There are rules and prizes and streamers and emojis and everything!!!

Last year we had two threads and polls to determine what was the best game of the year. This year we will have many threads, and many categories to choose from. And there is a competition! So let’s get into the rules and mechanics of this year’s voting:

The Structure

From next week, threads will be made for every category, and I would like everyone to nominate their favourite per each category. If a category doesn’t get 4 or more nominations, I will add nominations from the list of 2018 games based on Metacritic scores. This will ensure that each category will have at least 4 games to choose from.

Nominations will be open for a week, after which the results will be tallied and the voting threads will be created. These threads will again be open for a week, and everyone must vote on their favourite in each category.

The Categories

The categories chosen are:

  • Best Game Released on Xbox One for 2018
  • Best Game Released on PlayStation 4 for 2018
  • Best Game Released on Switch for 2018
  • Best Game Released on PC
  • Best Game Released on Mobile
  • Best Multiplayer Game of the Year
  • Best Story in a game
  • Best Indie Game of the Year
  • Most Disappointing event/game of the year
  • Best Game you played this year
  • Most Epic Game of the Year

Categories are open for discussion and change, but this weekend the final version will be set for the threads next week.

The Competition

One lucky member of the forum will win a copy of one of the Most Epic Games of the Year nominees. The winner will be able to choose from any one of the final nominees in this category and receive a copy of that game on the platform of their choice.

To stand a chance at winning this prize, you have to:

  • Have at least one post in each of the nomination and voting threads that will be created.
  • Vote in each of the polls that will be created.

The members that successfully quality will go into a random draw that will be adjudicated by an independent source.

So post your comments and amendments to the rules or categories in this thread. All active members of the forum are welcome to participate, with only one exception, me. As the organiser, I shall not be in line for the prize.


Can I suggest “Best Game Released on Mobile” as a category?


Lol, tongue-in-cheek-jab-at-Blizzard or honest real suggestion? I’m only asking after the debacle that’s been Diablo Immortal


No, legit suggestion…make mobile a category. I can even pump out a couple of nominations

can’t have them win more than “Most Disappointing event/game of the year” unless we add "Most disappointing event/game of the decade, “Most disappointing event/game of the century” and the “Don’t you guys have phones”-award


You just won the internet hahahahah.

On a serious note I am gaming more and more on my mobile.

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Done!! Good suggestion.

I see the first three categories specify that it is a 2018 release - does the same apply for all the other categories?

Yes, except the Best Game you have played category. That is for the best game you’ve played this year regardless of release year


Ok cool. I think I actually did play a 2018 release this year though - usually I’m a few years behind the current games.

Edit: I found the one 2018 release I played! Quake Champions

2018 was a bit disappointing for me, because all the best games I wanted to play were PS4 exclusives and I don’t have a PS4 yet.


I second this nomination for an awards category. (I’m joking. (Or am I?))

Ahhh, so it’s all your fault.


Ye, If you listen carefully right after they said it’s for your phone I was the ginger who cheered


How do you pay for microtransactions in Diablo if you have no soul?


Don’t we all have phones for that?

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Have not played many games this year

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Right, any other suggestions for categories?

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It sucks. PS4 really had some awesome games this year. I’m jealous of those who got to play it.

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This was an amazing gaming year. It will be hard to choose.

Lets do this!

EDIT: woops, i scroll and highlight, apparently highlighting text makes you auto quote it…my bad

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And here I got all excited that someone acknowledged my existence. :unamused:

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