Most Epic Games of the Year 2018 Discussion



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let the games begin


Threads are up. Remember, to stand a chance of winning a GOTY nomination game, post and comment in each of the Nominations threads.


Um I’ve been following @Wlad’s example but it will be crazy tough to nominate four things for everything. How does it work exactly? Do we nominate 4, nominate 1 or as many as we want?


Yea, I don’t own or play any PS4/console games. to be eligible do i still need to nominate 4 titles (I don’t feel comfortable doing that, since i’ll be thumbsucking) or do i just help bump the thread?


Ja I also don’t have 4 games everywhere. I don’t even have one on mobile.


Oh sorry. So you don’t need to nominate 4. I only have 4 nominations as that is the minimum we require in each category. But you nominate as many games as you want


I cant nominate something for each category and I cant nominate 4 for each


I think just nominate where you can and what you can - then after we’ve all nominated there should at least be 4 nominations in total per category


This!! Exactly this. Just go and nominate. Don’t feel like you have to hit a certain number of games in each category. As long as you nominate AT LEAST one game per category


I’m going to post these threads to Discord in a staggered fashion.


Can i post my nominations based on youtube let’s plays?


Whatever floats your boat. If you want to do that, by all means go right ahead.


Nominations are well and truly underway. Thank you for everyone that has given their nominations

For tracking purposes, you can check the below sheet I’m using to track nominations in the threads for eligibility for the prize

Have a look and remember to nominate any game or games as you feel like it.


So far 21 people have nominated in the threads for the Games of the year. Of those only 5 of them have nominated in every thread and thus so far qualify for the prize at the end. With a few days left until Sunday, when the nomination threads will be closed and the voting will start, this serves as a reminder to go nominate in all the threads you have not do so yet.

For those that have not yet had a look at the tracker, here is a screenshot of the state of play right now:


Thanks for the reminder. I have complete all my nominations now.

P.S. It’s a fantastic prize that’s being offered!


I will do the rest of my nominations this evening hopefully.


Quick update on the standings so far:

More people have made their nominations. Time will be up by Sunday evening, so get those nominations coming.


Can’t really nominate games for categories I’ve never touched of don’t much care for (i.e. mobile gaming)


Last chance to nominate games in all the categories. Only time left for tonight. Tomorrow everything is tallied up into the voting threads.