Most Epic Games of the Year 2018 Discussion



Thank you all for your nominations. The nominations are now closed and the threads for voting shall be created today.

The people that have successfully nominated in all threads and are still in the running for the prize are:




We need a secret poll for Most Epic Member of the year.
Some have been kind and loving, one changed every persons profile pic, another gives Epic F1 previews and some are just the backbone of our community… but who is the one?


I don’t think that’s a good idea. Everyone is just going to be mad when I win it for a third time. :grin:

Just kidding, I know I barely contributed anything this year. I feel ashamed. It’s going to be hard to pick one single person though.


I have also not contributed much to this society this year, my Russian friends say they have done this before and if I pay now I will win


My Chinese friends said “俄罗斯没有机会” no idea what that means, but I’m assuming it’s not good.


All I got was this back

Россия номер один Китай номер два



I’m banking on it


Remember to go cast your votes on all the voting threads for the best games of the year. The polls will be open until Sunday.


So far a lot of those that qualified for the prize has already done what was needed to go into the draw.


@Wlad and @Solitude, remember to place your votes into the polls for the categories

@DarthMol, seems like you missed one thread to vote on.


Thanks Hammer! Will vote now.


Thanks. I think I voted in each category now.


Awesome. Remember to vote in the Best Game you played this year thread as well

Also, if @DarthMol votes for the Best Indie game of the year thread, then all the contenders are qualified.


Thanks for the reminder, will place my vote now.


And all current participants are done!!


For everyone else, please still go vote for your favourite games of the year. You can still vote in any of the categories you want.