Most Epic Mafia Experience

By show of a :chicken: who would want to join in the Most Epic Mafia Game Ever?


--------> :chicken:

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Jis maar daai is n groot…

I didn’t know how to make the small one.

:baby_chick: ?

My emoji button on replies just doesn’t allow me to click it. Same for bold, or italics or any of the top bar.

: and item that you want to emote :


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For those that might want to practice and have 0 idea how it works and wants some kind of idea of what it is. Go Play Town of Salem. it is on steam as well as a browser game

Too much work. I’ll figure it out as I go


We will need at least 10 people to make it a fun game!!


Lynch everyone!

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…gawd dammit ok fine I’ll play :chicken:

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Keep an eye out for @czc Lynch D1 !

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Sorry, I opened up the pen and all of them escaped


I’m not joining, I just want to say you should call it the Most Epic Mafia Experience, or MEME for short.


8 people so far exl the mod

add me :hatching_chick:

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