Most Epic Playstation Community



Seeing that we have a Steam Community and that I can’t find one for Playstation, here it is! :slight_smile:

Post your Playstation name if you want to be added to the list, then we can add each other.

MEW Name Playstation Username
BeoTeK BeoTeK
Blazzok Blazzok1
Deadlypinecone deadlierpinecone
DieGrootHammer DieGrootHammer
Entity ent1tyza
FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden
murfle Disco-_-Bear
Talentloos Talentloos420
wenzdayz wenzdayz

MEW Name Playstation Username
DieGrootHammer DieGrootHammer

Luckily my name is rather unique so I get is as is almost anywhere.


You can just post your playstation name, I’ll keep the table updated :slight_smile:


Think mine is Talentloos420. yes yes i know. but i really like weed ok.



(I’ve had it since the original Quake, long before Happy Tree Friends)


mine is what it is here as well


Same with me:

MEW Name Playstation Username username just about anywhere else
FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden FarligOpptreden


I am Blazzok1 on PSN. For some reason, Blazzok was taken, which should have been me who created an account way back when, but I couldn’t retrieve the account.


Edit: well, I searched for Blazzok now. It seems someone else does use the name. It is the first time I have ever encountered someone else using the name. Language is French on the profile; damn French. Ruin everything! :cry:

MEW Name Playstation Username
BeoTeK BeoTeK


I am deadlierpinecone on PSN.

Had to one-up the person who stole my name.


Ha ha. That is great.



For any new members to the Playstation clan, I know there are some new Black Friday members, post your PSN names so we can add you if you want.