Most Epic Podcast 0 sign-ups and topic suggestions



Before I join the VIP access at Club Duvet, two ideas quick for the podcast from my favourite podcast, the US IGN GameScoop podcast. At the end of their shows they normally play a game of 20 questions to guess a game, or they have the guess the game from a zoomed in image.

Here’s an example of the guess the game zoomed in picture game. You could save each zoomed in picture and post each one one at a time in the chat so that the discord people can also play:

Here’s an example of the 20 questions:

Or we can get our own game to play, just something lighthearted to add to the end of things.



I just thought of a different one. What about guessing a game by its sound effects/music?


Ok. I’ll go sleep.


Great idea to keep things light-hearted and engaging.


I missed this completely. Busy listening to the first bit of the podcast. Will listen to more a bit later. Nicely done guys.