Most Epic Win forum upgrade

Just ran an upgrade to the forum software (our first!) and it seemed to go off without a hitch.

If you come across any bugs in the next day or two, please post them here.

Normal (not bug-related) feedback and suggestions should continue to go in its own thread in the Site Feedback category.


Everything seems to be working.

Lol did not even feel a thing. Everything seems fine so far

Something I have noticed the past week - When I load the page I see unread 1 - when i click on it - I get the next image - showing no unread posts.

Not getting the Offbeat thread showing up on latest for a couple days now and when you click on that thread to read it, it starts at the first post, not 19755388 posts later where it should. I don’t know if any other threads are acting in the same way. Anyway, here’s a screenshot, someone posted in the missing thread 2m ago so it should have been at the top but wasn’t -

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take a look.

Have we found the threadkiller point?


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I wonder if we even need one with this forum software.

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That seems very unlikely. I don’t think any properly written software should have a limit like that, especially since it loads posts dynamically.