Murfle's Tales of the Apocalypse

Day 6770 of the Apocalypse:

Day -3 of the lockdown:

Or is it day -2? No one knows what Ramapostpona means by midnight Thursday.

Woke up, didn’t shower, used a cloth. Went to the hospital. They tore off the burn shield. I screamed especially loud when they took off the part around the [censored]. They gave me this green vape looking thing and said “Smoke this”. They cut off the dead skin around the blistered as I lay there giggling, making a couple of the nurses laugh at the same time. I told them not to let me take the green pipe home. They dressed the wound. Then they dressed me. When they said I could go, I couldn’t get my shoes on. When they asked why I was still there, I told them I couldn’t stand, but I tried again and got them on ok. I pocketed the green pipe. Hurt like crap when I walked to the pharmacy to get my supplies for the week to treat/redress the wounds. Hurt any time I moved my leg. Getting in and out of the car sucked! Got home. They’d been without power since 10am, and I got back around 3pm. Changed into my PJs, and noticed a section of the burn is exposed. It was basically like walking around rubbing a scotchbrite pad on a sunburn, but it doesn’t “need to be dressed” as far as hygiene goes… Still in pain, so I tried the green pipe. All the fluid/vapour is gone :frowning: Slept until about 18:45 when the power came back on. Hoping the meat I bought for the month is ok. Makes me worry about when our power goes out during the lockdown.



Day 6771 of the Apocalypse:

Just over 24 hours left until the lockdown. Good opportunity to save money on petrol. Put that into food instead. Gotta ration the food, and pray the power stays on enough to keep it edible. Blood seems to be seeping through the gauze. Need to ration that too. Should be fine on bandages, providing no one else gets hurt. Supplies should still be available if needed, for now. We’ll have to wait and see how the situation pans out.



Day 6772 of the Apocalypse:

Prepped some of the neighbours up for communications during the lockdown. I guess they’d call me essential services. People need to work from home, and keep in touch with loved ones. We’re very close to the lockdown starting, less than 4 hours to go.

There’s less blood coming through the guaze and bandages today, the wound must be getting better, but I cannot guarantee I’m not infected. I cleaned up the used bandages while bleach is still available, having some extra on hand can only be a good thing.

I’m half expecting day 1 to be relatively quiet. I figure there will be some army showing “we’re not joking around here” type force in some of the more populated areas, if what I’ve seen/heard people doing for the past 3 or 4 days, after the announcement of the lockdown was made.

This is all very new to most the people alive now, yet there is something strangely familiar about all of this. Could just be that ‘sense’ that’s always lay dormant in the back of my head.



Day 1 of the lockdown, about 5 minutes in:

Closed all the windows to prevent the swarms of pestilence from getting inside. Claustrophobia is starting to set in. I can’t breathe! Where’s the water? I knew I should have scrubbed the toilet better earlier!!



It is the end of the first day of lockdown. People in some areas are still gathering in masses, but in a more orderly way than usual. And that’s all this is, training the people for what’s to come. We have all had some sort of fire drill at school and work, this is just on a much grander scale. It’s all about a nice… orderly… fashion…

Finished off my first 2L of fresh milk today. I thought, “If my stockpile is already getting used up, and it is only day 1, I’m not going to do so well when the real pandemics start”.

Replaced the gauze and bandages today. That was not a nice experience, but it is not looking like I am infected, so I will take it as a win. The new gauze is holding up well, however to keep it from moving around, I am using crutches.

Crutches in hand, dust mask on face, I went around to ensure everything was kosher with long-term sustenance and security. We have been blessed with rain the past 2 days. The atmosphere was cool, calm. I felt so at peace.



Lost track of all time. I really can’t say what has gone on the past couple of days. It’s all a blur. More of the same. Keeping isolated, ensuring on-going sustenance, defense, the usual… Haven’t bothered keeping up with the media after seeing a soldier kicking a civilian with the side of his foot, and giving him a big slap to keep inside his residence on day 1.

The leg is healing nicely, thanks for asking…

The food situation seems under control, although I did burn some chicken breakfast products a couple days back. It’s okay though, I think I need more carbon in my diet anyways. Nutrition is going to be, as always, vital to our survival. Access to it will be the hard part should things take a turn for the worse.



Sorry, haven’t had time or energy to write the past two days… Well, energy anyways, there’s too much time. Speaking of time, I have no idea what is going on. It feels as though the past two days have slipped away, but that somehow, I’ve also gained two. It is weird. It almost feels like events are happening out of order, kind of like in that movie, Pulp Fiction.

I’ve managed to redress my wound with minimal effort yesterday, and am venturing out with extreme caution to ensure the outside is still working as it should. I don’t expect the dead to be walking any time soon, but I will be prepared if and when they do.

In the mean time, I’ve been researching a lot about one of tech’s big daddy’s, and how he is planning to deal with this so-called pandemic. I’ve known about id2020 for years now, and how their goal is to give everyone digital IDs by 2030. At first, I thought, hah! They’re off by 10 years. Little did I know they’d be able to start implementing it at the beginning of the year they registered their organization under. Now I can’t help but think one of tech’s/government’s (is there much difference these days? Ya, but for how long…?) people tossed some of this virus on a bat in a Chinese meat market… Bit of a stretch, probably, but it does seem a little convenient…

And damn it all to hell! I forgot I had chicken bacon on my grill yesterday and wound up with flat carbon sticks…



I haven’t felt well the past hour or so… It feels like time is being ripped apart, spewing out more multiverses every second of our perceived reality than has been common on our planet for millennia. I can’t imagine what is going on in the realm of quantum mechanics right now, but it must be stressed.

Otherwise, I’ve just been keeping my plants alive… And the leg is doing much better now, not even using bandages anymore, thanks for asking…


23 days without alcohol

I never knew this lockdown could be so good for me. Who cares how long it takes?

Yes, of course I care. It’s the exit strategy that concerns me. I’d be happy to take a vaccine from a traditional needle, or even one of those cool new medical tech patches that use dissoluble sugar needles, in my shoulder. I just don’t want anything but the vaccine left inside me, that’s all.

This whole thing feels like a forced public beta test to me.



Well, I’ve been 12 days without alcohol. I dunno, maybe. Does mouthwash count?

Went shopping on Monday. Stood in the hygiene section for a minute staring at all the listerine. I had honestly expected the wine to be roped off or something like other parts of the store, but nope! It was all TP! Lots of it. What kind of a sick joke…

No surprises on the lockdown extension. The president has spoken to big tech, and has confirmed he is taking their recommendations. Big tech, via another media source, has stated lockdowns should be 6-10 weeks in duration. Prepare yourselves for another 1-5 weeks.

But who knows, we might get temporarily lucky.


Ours is now the isle with the hand sanitiser and easter eggs



Shortly after my last post, I received an SMS.

“The coronavirus must be contained. The coronavirus kills. Stay home & save South Africa.
Together, we can beat this. A message from Government.”

Hi Government, have we met?


I will take the Gov one over the Vodascum sms

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D̷̢͔͍͚͓̂͑̂̅͌̓͂ͩͬ̄͒̾͛͗͘͢ͅaͯ͂ͯͬ̃̍ͪ҉̠̘͍̜͔̳̟̯̺͕̼̖̜͝t̴̵̡̻̻͕̝̉́̅̎̊̓͘͢e̡͕͚̭̣̱̩̳̯͚̭̗̠͖͛̔̀͆̄ͨ̓ͧ̓ͯ͛̑̀ͭ̔ͬͣ̀́͟ ̴̷̒̃ͤͦͦ͊́͏̠̥͙͎̯̜̮͚̗̮̖͙̭̣̳̟̮Uͭ̈́͋́̿͏̢̹̟̙̹̹͟͠ņ̶̱͈̤̺̲̥̜͛͆͗̇ͭ̈ķ̫͔̪̟͚͎̝͓̯̞̻̪̯̓́̐͜ṉ̷̵̢̛̤͖̦̻ͩ̿̀ͪͤ͑̇͛ͥ̊̎̑͗͝o̡̱̰̗ͯͦ̊̃̅ͩ̈͗̾͋̓͂̀̚͟w̵̧͚͈̮̲̫ͦ́̑̆ͭ͘n̵̖̻͓̫̥̘̹̠̣̞̫̪̆̎̐̈̌̈́ͫͫ̑̑̅ͭ̾͜͡

My heart goes out to the American people under Marshall law. I only hope your country doesn’t split in 3, geologically speaking.


I haven’t seen zalgo text in ages!

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T̸̨̨̛̛̛̲̻̳̭͕̣̳͓̮͚̥̰̺̘̗̆̎́̓̉̆̉̀̋́̑̐̍̿̏̋̍̀͑͑̀͊̒̅̊̓́̇͂́́̀̓̋̃̎̑̎̆̉̏̏͐̃̋̋͑̏͐͗͊̍̎̃̅́̂͐̑̈̔̉̏̋̒̓͌̓̐̌͗̈́̈̾̾̐̏͂͛͌̋͐̑̔̅̆̈́͆̈́̊̍̉̐̿̑̂̂̉̕̚̚̚̚͘̕̚̚͜͝͠͝͠͝͝į̶̡̡̢̨̧̨̢̠̼̬͖̱͈͕̺̗͍̮̥̩͙̫͚͖̹̙͈͕̘̯͈̖̩̘̻̯̪̭̭̱̯̤̺̬̪̞̤͚͖̻̝̯̫͍͓̜͍̠͙͉̰̘̥̼̝͙̱̫̬͙̹̗͖͎̘̮̬̹̺̫̳̿̍͂͋̈́̆͊̅̓̋͌̊͌̇̇̑̂̏͗̾̓́͑͊̿̓͒̋̆̅̎̃̓̍̊͆͆͋͘͘͝ͅḿ̵̢̢̧̢̢̨̢̨̧̢̧̛̘͚͍̙̜̥͎̻̣̟̫͙̳̘̬̠̻̰̥̫̣̩̖̼͙͉͈̫͖̦͚̖̳̱̳̣̗̩̘̖̜̥͖̤̖̙͍͕̱̣̘̫̺̫͙͇͎̭͖̲͓̮̠͇̘̱͈͈̠͚̬̯͎̟̟̤̯̜̠͇͕̻̹̓̐̄̿̋́̊̐̀̍̓̈́͒̑̍̐̎́̏̏̾̃̇̅͆̉̂̐̍̈̆̐͆̇̓̑͑͂̌̑͒̒̈̐̉̈̀̎̔̅̑̃̏̆̓́͒̈́̔̑̀͊̑̒̃̇̑̔̔̏̿̾͊̄̾́̓̾͋͂̀͌̋͘̚̚̚̚͝͠ͅͅͅę̴̧̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͚̻̪̩̗̳̱͓̙̙͔̣̜̫͙͖͉̤̝͍͍̭̭̲̬͉͔̖̖̻̯̝̘͙̦̗̪̥̤̤̠͚̣͈̖̝͙͚̱͍͚̫̦̦̲̺̭̞̹̻̩̖̹͉͗͗͑͂̌͑͋͗̂̈́̋̏̈̇̒̂̈́͗̉̆̎̌͒̀̀̃̓̑̃͒̍̈́͐͒̒̀͂̔̍͒̀͑̆̀̇͌̈́̂̾̿̅̊̏̂͐̈̽̾̈́͑̈́͐̅͒͂̎̑̆̋̓͋̈̍͐̌̀͆͊̾̋̈͐̽͛̈́̈́̋̇͆̓̾̇̎̋́̌̎̾͑̅͋͐̎̈́͗̀̌͒̓̉͊̍̓͊͂̐̍̾̇̾͊̉̂̍̄͗̎͒̆́͂͐̌̏̑̑͊̉̀̆̊͆́́̾̐̐͒̾̇͗̈̾̉̒̽̓͛̌́̎̽̈́́͋͂̔͛̀́͂́̎͒̇͗̋̕̚̚͘̕̚̕̚͘͘̕̕̚͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠l̷̡̡̨̡̧̢̨̢̢̡̡̧̨̢̡̢̢̧̨̛̛̛̛̛̖̺̗͓̦̭̲̦̫̟̠̘̻̟͍̭͓͖̰̦͙͇͙̞̣͓̺͇̱͙̟̝̰͓͈̳̟̘̱̭͚̝̙͉͇̭̞͉̭̺͈̥̳̖̣̖͖̪̲̟̦̺̙̙͙̲̹̠̬̩̠̥͎̥̰̺̠̯͉̪̬͓̲̥͍̫̮͓̦̙̣̣͖̖̤͖̱̗̺̥̝̖̰͈͚̩̞͔̱̜̲̖̺̟̺͎̮͖͈͓̖̹͖̼̘̣̦͚̿̈́̈́̀́̽̿͋͛̎̉͂̆̔̆̏̈̂̾̊̓́̓̄̍̊̈́̑͛̾͋̊͊̃͗̍̀̍̈́̎̍͑̍̽̒͂͗̽̄́̂̓̔͛͌̓̒͆̋͛̑̎̈́̐̔̄͊̇̓͗́͋̉͆̌̄̉̉̓̉̾̍͑̀͐̀͊͂̈́̿̏͛͌̾̽͆̓̎̈́̇̈͂̀͑̈́͑͊̀̈́̅̑̈̀̊͒̇̐̈͌̓̂̊̏́̕͘̚̕̚̕̚̕̕͜͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅi̶̡̨̨̢̢̨̛̱̜̜͔̰̯̞̯̱̗͚̫̖̘̥̳̟̦̬̠̘͔̪̙̱͙̞̪̣̲̹̠̰̫̝̦̟̰̭̜̳̭̱̳̣̻͎̦̝͚̳̳̝̘̰̼̥̯̺̥̗̟̰̪͍͎̝̘̼̰̹͓͈̭̘͙̦͍̠̦̐̓͋̀̋̒̐̊͑̀͆̄́̃̄̈́̅́̀̈́̍̊̉͑̅́̑̐̄̎̕͜͜͝͝͝ͅͅͅņ̶̧̨̧̧̨̡̢̡̢̡̨̨̧̨̨̢̛̹̲̹̜̜̭͖͕͚̗̺̱͕̙̥̬͎͎̻̹̼̩͕͚̼͚̯͇̯̲̰̳̩̰̞̻̹̺̠̯͖̰̖͖͔͍͕̝̺͕̰̲̘͔͙̹̼͉͈̜̙̬̲̟̳̥̞̣̭̙̺̗͇̟̥̭̯͎̠̫̹̺̖̜̭̰̣̟̱̩̖̘̠͙̲̜̙̜̖͈̼̜͉͉͕̭̠̫̭̺̻̣̞̦͈͖̰̣͉̝̲̗̹͓̱̭͍͕̰͇̜̝̯͇̼͔͉̹̲̤̤̙͚͔̯̬̙̱̰͉̖̲̼̼̞̻̹̻̆́̽̊̆͂̉̾̎̾̉͋̋̄͊̒̔̄̄̽̑͐̍͂̎͒͛̈́̉̎̏̿̂͐̈́͐̎̓̓̐̈́́̈̾̐͊͐͋̀̂̾̆̋͆̍̾̂̌͗͒̈́̾͐̈́̊̾͆̀̓̌͐̈́̒̽̅̐̓͌̽̃̃́͗̂̑͐̓̎͌́̃͊̿̾͛̓̏̓̑̒̓͌̆͑̂̒̆̏͗̿͆͆͑̈́̏̈̉̽̀͗̋̄͆̾̄͋͑͑̓́͆̚̕͘͘̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅḙ̷̡̢̧̧̨̧̨̢̢̧̢̢̨̡̛̙̜͇͍͎̲̹͖̜̘̫̺̹͖͙͓̫̫̦̥̩̲̟̖̦͓͓̰̙̲͓̘͔̦͚̻̞̹̥̲̘̺͙̻̫̩̼̺͇̪͈̠͉̤̫͍̺͔͚̰͓̣̭̥̘̰̟̬̦̩̪̟̪̩͉̣̤̥̝̱̲̝͖̬̹̮͔̫̟̳̯͍͔̦̣͉̥̭̟̫̰͙̠̠̘̻͖̝̺̜̭̥͎͈͉͇̺͚͍͕̜͚̳̻̼̟͖̗̝͎͈͉͔̣͈̬̹̠̗̠̝̫̲̩̗̦̥̬͕̝̯͚͍̟̼̮̤̹͉̺̟̤̭̬̲̐́̊̈́̔͛̽̊̿́͆̏͒̈́̿́̀́̔̂̂̈́̇͌̈́̒͊͑̐̀̔̃̅̈́̑͐̒͗̉͆̓͛͛̏̆̈́̊̏̈̿̏̐͑͑̂̄͑̔̎̿̂̏̐̽̽̾̀́̌͒͒̍̉͌̒̌̽̀̈́̌͊̂̊͊̀̾̓̓̇̈̊̀̄̃̇̐͌̍͘̚̕͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅs̴̢̨̧̨̢̨̧̡̡̡̡̨̧̨̨̢̡̨̧̡̧̥̫̳̤̭̱͙̮̤̳̮̙͚̰̞̹͕̫͇͈̼̙̣͚̗̻͕͔͈̪̗̩͔̜͍͉̥̺͈͎̞̫̙͖̱͙̼̪̙͕̮͓̬̗̙̺͉̰̬͎͙̗̠̩̣̱̖͉̟͉͎̖̣̤̗̥̲͕͎̙͖̪̥̘̳̥̜͓̻̲̩̩̬̥̳̦͓͉͓̹̠̜͔̦̯͔̥̫̰͈̦̳̣̮͚̙̳͙͎̬̘͖̪̬͓͖̯͇͇̻̟͙͓̮̞̦͉̬̯̭̜̗̹̜̖̼̟͙̣̻̩̺̯̠͉̤̼̦̻͇͖̠̥͓̜͙͚͓̙̰̪̠̹̺̩̱͕̙̳̖͇̭̦͈̣͍͔̠̥̥̗̙̗̮͚͓̾̂̈́̀̽̀͆̄̄͋̍̉̔̋̾̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅͅͅ ̷̨̨̨̢̢̡̡̨̡̧̨̨̡̧̧̧̨̡̧̨̡̢̨̧̛̛̛̗͖̠̙̤͇̥̜̞͖͈̱̭͍̹͕̖̣̣̼͖̣̞̯̟͕̗͓͈̹̜̜̩̬̺̰̺͕̦͚̯̝̟̟̪̱̪̖̘̫̮̙̲͙͖̙͙̩͎͉͍͖̩͉̤͙̼̥͕̤̻͎̦̹̖̗̤̘͖̺̹̘̘̠̫̱̫̠̱̼̙͇̤̩̤͓̹͍̮̟̞̣͍̭͚̤̝͇̮̮̬̬̜͇͇̙̗̰̳̲̘̬̳͚̭͓̹͔̹͕͔̺̜̰̺̟̱̙̘͕̮̫͉̮̟̪͖̜͎̥͈̰̻͎̗̠͓̝̗͔̦͍͓̗͎̫͙̳̖͍̉̀͊͑́̀́̃͛͒̃̀̉̌͑̽͑̎͗͂͂̒͒̀̇̎̉͊͂̽͗̂̂̅́̏͒͋̔̋̄̍̂̂̊̋͋͐͗̀̃͛̅̎̏̐̇̽̂̃͗̍̉̌̐̋̈́̑̋͑̇̀̈̎̾́͋̉̓́́͋͒̐͑̾͆͛̕̕̕̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͝͠ͅͅͅh̸̡̧̧̢̨̡̨̡̢̨̨̨̨̡̢̢̧̧̧̢̧͉̻̦͚̥̤͉͖̬̫̭̮̝̝̭̭͔͈͉̦͈̘̫̝̼̣̝̫͕̬̜̝̟̘̦͇̣̤̫͓͚͕̺̙͇̘͇̠͇̯͚͍̞̦̭̝̘͇̮̬̻̻͇̻̙̟̩̯̭̠̠̮͚̭͕̘̫̣̳̖̪̮̰̻͚͖͈̬̪͕̯̜̦͕̪͕͖͖͔̟͉̯̠͈͉̭̹͚̬̻̙̣̻̞̯̫̦̤̭̱̠̗̤͙̫̻̺̯͙̫̬̟̼̬̥̮̙̗̲̼̫̪͇͚͍͓̙̥̝̠̬͓̬̬͙͈͔̲͓͚̻͓̬̗͉̯͙̖̃͗̒̋̀̔̋̓͑͊͊̀̈́͊̌̈̎̆͊̈̉̓̇͘̚̕͜͜͜͝ͅͅa̶̢̨̢̧̢̡̢̧̡̨̢̧̢̡̛̛̛̛̬̯͈̲͉̞͍͓̞͉̣̩̠̦͎̤̻̪̼̞̯͉̯̫̬̳͖̼͖͚̟̭̺͚̙̹͈̺̰͕͔͚͇͔̺͇͚̗̟̘̳̼̗͔̥̬̻̰̳̘͈̟̝̫̣̗̱̥̹̳̖̙̞͍̩̫̗̥̲͇͙̻̙̫̣̜̹͈̮̜̬̘̜͔̲͓̟̜̩̻̞͉̹͈̲̥̝̗̠̯̳͍̟͕̖͎̩̹̳̹̣̹̙͍͖̦̙̞̦̫̻̝͕͔̪̠̲͙̯̞̻̰̦̗̭̰̻̪͖͚͓̫͓̭̘̗̱̳̻̗͙̮͙̦̳̫̼͇͖̝̥͕͓͚͉̪͚͖̣̹̖̖̝̜̦̮̰̟̘̫̞͍͍̘͖̓̂͆̇̈̓̏̊͆̊͛̈́̏̔̎̍̿͊͋̇̒̓̐̏̎̊͗̽̒͛̆̏͌̂̉̔̓̋͂͌͆̋͋̃̐̑̍̋͛́̏̆̉̂͋̄͊͋̓̽͆̉͗͂̄̉̈́̈́̀͗̎̊͊̄̇̂̓̈̍͂̔͂͛̈́̈́̈̈́̈́̔̈́̐́́́̅̑̓̆̈́̉̋͋̎̅͒͊̎̽̾͗̽̊͌̀͋͂̔̎̈́̇̆͐̏̾͋̄̈́͑̑́͆̅̕̕͘̚̕̕͘̕̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅv̷̧̡̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̛͈̟̤̯̭͉̫̘̭͖̤̦̥͇͓͉̭̮̠͎̬̰̭̤̝͎͎͎͔̜̮͔̘̻͚͙̰̜̼̟̞̝̬̗̩̳̳̻̬̰̰̲͓̠̯̣̬̤͎̟̩̟̭̺̟̼̯̠̰͚̝̺̯̗̫̹̘͙̞̖̠̯̰̱̖̈̿͊̈́͒̄̍̎̋̊̉̈́͋͂͗̅̈́̒̅͐̅̒̂̏͌̓́̋͋̊̀̒͑͂̅̑̒̈̆̊̿͌̔̓͗̈́̃̑͂̽̂̆̓͆̏͂͒̆̇͒̒̄̌͑̐͒͐͆͛̽͑́̂̌̽̑̇̑̑̌̿̇̄̈̏͒̀̓̌̓̏̽̊̌̆́̆͒̆̎̀̌͐̋̐̌̂̎̑̔̈́͒̃͆̍̉̉̃͛̃̿̋̇̉͆̓͛͛͋́͗̈́͆̃͛̈́̽͑̂̃̈́͊͗̈́͋̅̃̂̎̋͛͗̓̍̈́̚̚͘̕͘̕͘̕̚̕͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅȇ̵̡̢̢̧̧̨̡̧̨̢̧̢̧̨̡̡̨̨̢̡̡̛̞̳͚͚̭̖̹͍̘͕̯̤̬̺̺͖̪̙̣̲̜̻͖̗̲̠̰̬̣̗̘̣͓͚̥̣͇͇͍̭̱̳̲̦̺̙͙̦̘̖͎̩̹̩͈̗͍̮̺̙͍̖͇̯͔̮̙͍͍͉̜̖̣̰͎̩̺͇̦̳̠̯̭̘̦̖͙̞͎̗̹̭͔̳̯̥̻͓̟̙̻̺͇̰̭̤̖̗̰̟͇̪̖̱̞͖͎̥̞̯̲̤̥͓̙̲͉̩̥̦̫͍̞̮̣̻̱̯̹̬̱͔̠̞̲̖̝̙̭̖͔̠̰͈̫̻̬͖̊́̔̌̃͗̏̈̍͗̏̆͌̔̍̾̋͘͘̕͜͜͜͝͠ͅͅͅ ̵̢̧̧̛̼̬̬͓̥̘̗͈̰̟̞̮̣̹͎̫͎̮̮̖̟͖̬̞̭̻̓͊̔́́̀̈́̓̃̀̇͗̒̋̀̆͒̊̐̀͆̐̆̑̆̇̋̓̓̃̈̇̍̀̿̃̓̏͛̍̓̄̄͌̄̀̏̇̆̾̌̈̄́͋̊͊̔̈́̀́̇̈́̀̿̔̄́͛̉̔̑̌̽̎̒̒̓̉̄̀̏̋̇̈͒̏̏͊̈́̿̾̾̐͊̽͗̍̔́̔̚͘͘̕̚̚͘͘̚̕͜͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅb̴̢̡̡̨̡̡̨̡̺̙̺͖̘͔̯͚͉̞̬͖̪̮͖̳̩͙͕̦̼̞̹̜͉̲̝̻̤̰̞̥̤̙͕̩̝̹͚̦͍̟͚̝̤̯̱̹̮̪̼̦̩̩̪̯͇̬̰͍̼̦̬̳̗̞̪̰̩̖͎̪̤̟̯̙̹͔͎͖̳͔͔̮͓̭̯͍̝̳̲̩̺̰̮̫́̔̇͒̈́͒̓̂̑̑͒̅͂͒͛̾͑̐̇̋̍͂̽̔̍͑̓̒͛̈́̀̉̏̃́̌̈́̽̎̾͆̕͜͠͠͝͝ͅͅȩ̸̢̢̢̢̧̡̨̡̡̧̢̛̠͕̱̭͓͙̪̮̞̰̲͙̫̘̘̖̺̘̣͖͎͇̺͇͖̞̞̹̥̺̣͓̮̞͔̰̰̩̙̲̮̲̣̫̞͚̫̱̹̖͉̪̟̣̲͓̰̖̦̫͉̭̠͍̺̯̝̲͎̖̱͔̗͙͕̯̲̙͖̞͎̤͎̼̥̠̭̩̼̤̭̤͙̦̹̹̘̖͖̞̝̯̗͍̈́̈́͌̃͋͐̀̄͌̃͌̒̽͐̅͂̍̃͆̐͛͂̒̈́̅̍̈́͋̃̾̑͒̉̐̑͑̐̅͐̿͛̊͛̈́͛̊̐̉͂̀͒̂̾̊̽̂͛̂̑̉̊̉̾͗͑̉̾̕̕̕͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅe̸̡̡̡̡̧̢̨̧̡̧̨̢̡̢̧̡̢̨̡̨̡̨̛̛̛̛̦̟͚̞̠̪̗̖̮̩̦͔̣̫̮̝͚̟͇͇̮͍̙͓̺̹̹̫͕͉̤̼̠͓̦͕͎̻̗̝̙͓̜͓̱̲̟̰̺͉̤̣̦̰̘͕̭͔͙̲̖͓̥̜͓̗̝̻̖̠͕͎͓͇̜̯̠͕͔̼̙̠̹̜̦̗̻̞͇͔͖̬͇͈̺̗͇̱̥̞̼̥̱̤̮͈̻̦͔̠̘̖̯̩͇̯̤̦̪͎̼̱̠̘͍͎͉͕̳̖̅̈́̓̒̈͊̅̊́̋̎̀̂͛̑͌̽̋́̏̔͒͛̇̈́́̐̑͋͐͌̆̊̈́̒̿̔̏͛͌͆̍̾̈̾̔̾̾̂̒̅̓͊̏̾͂́͊̇̑̃͌̆̈́̈́͆̃̑̋̎͌͌̈́̇̊̇͗̓̀͐͗̀͆̑̀̈̔̂̀̈́̉̊͗̑̑̆̏͆͑̄̈̆͊̍̓̏̇͐̈́͆̎̋́̌̋̔͆͂͒̉̓̿́̈͑̈́̑̇̋̑͂̾̊̈́̂̌̀̓̒̿̇̇͊̈̉͒͋̄̊̓̀̓̇̈́͐́̀̐̒͒̓͘͘̚̕͘͘̕̚̚͘̚̕͘̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅn̵̡̨̢̧̨̢̢̧̢̡̨̟̪͕̣̺̲̘͇̹̙̰͎̘͇̣̯̭̲̳̼͔̻̗̤̦̯̩̞̰͉̪̠̣͇̭̹͍̥͇͙͉̹̩̝̮̹̘͔̞͎̲̯̲͚̠̻̻͉̫͓̦͇͔̘̗̹͈͓̖̲̬̫̱̦̗͉̺̘̜̳̙̼̪̠̰̞̰͙͈̙̪̤̤̤͉̲̰̝͓̙͙̺̝̩̩͓͙̰̫̻̜̖̝͉̳̯̬̰̼̪̖̰̻̟̣̞̯̻͈̹̹͓̰̗̜̞͓̯͇͍̭̫̻͕̺̮͓̯̝̲̮͓̣̳̲̬̣͎̖̣̬̞̩̲͇̱̰̤̺̅̕͜͜͝͝ͅ ̸̧̨̢̧̧̢̧̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̞͓̫͖̝̺͇̥̮̠͈͉̙̖͎̮̜͇̺̲̱̪̤̙̹̜͓̠̥̗͚̞̱̘̜̣̱̻͕̝̯̺̲̗͖̰̳̹̥̳͖͔̫͉̗̭̱̥̺̝̱̝̻͕͖̰̘̞͎̟͕̪̜̻̝̬̰̘̳̯͎̫̦̹̦̲̟͑͐̈́͌͋̿͗̔̈̋̍̇̋̅̓͂͛͗̉́̾͋̆̒̒͆̽̾͊͋̀̽̒̇͗̓̏̎̌̊̂̐͌̾͑͒̈̈̃̐̌͒͛̊̌́͛̆̓̔͂̒̑̈́͐͑̆͒̏̈́͆̈́̾̾͂̀̓̋̂̊̈́̅͐̏̋̓́̿̍͌͑̂̑̄̏̀̒̓̿̋̉̾̇͑̂̑̂̇͐̾͗̓͛̋̑͌̒͗͆̎͗́͗͂̓̿̀̇̀̀̈́̇́̇̊̂̒͗̈́̏̈́̔̔̀͛͊͗́̀̇͂̊̒͑͑͛́̈́́̍́̈́͑̈͒̊̚̕̚̚͘̚̚͘̕̚̚̕̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅc̴̢̡̧̧̨̨͈̻̬̫̰̳̭͕͚̩͍̰̪͚̟͓̣͓͉͚̩͎̞͕̱̫̫̫̬̭͎̖̺͖̻̝̣̣̩̭͇̰̠̝̜̹̹̠͍̳̮̫̝͎̠̦͚̯̪̜̬̩͙̖̰̫̬̙̤̿̉̍͊̿́͛͌́̆͗̽̀̈́̓͛͊̈́̉̒́̊͐̈́̽̌́̌̐́̀̐̐̍͌̍͑͆̊͐͊̏̔̒̏̽̃̋͑̂̏̃͗̌̓̍̀̍̽͆̀̀̍̔̓̈́̚͘̚̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͠͠ͅr̷̢̛̛̛̛͇̤͉̼̪̱͈̼̞͙̤̲͋͒̿͆̾̿͒̓̓͗́̉͗́̅̄̑͛͂̔̇̔̌̂̿͒̇̂̎̈̌̄̍̽̀̾̈́͌̍̈́̇͊̆̽̋͐̒̀̀́͋͒̅͛̽́̽̍̽͒̊̍͐͌̽̊̽̃̓̊̀̽͂̐̈́̽́̃̔̍̀͋̽͆̅͆̀͂́͋͑͊̽̈́̄͗͂͑͊̀̇͑̑̅͆̃̚̕̚̚͜͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝ơ̸̡̛̛̛̛̯͓͇͇̭͚̱̟͎̝̥̳̝̹̬̼̹̖̣̞̗̙͚̥̮͚͔̬̜̞̥̯͉̥͎̼̥̫͖̩̤͓̫̠̞͍͈͖̘̮͔̣̬̥̦̝͙͈͔͉̞̜̫̦̜̬̟͇͕̊͛͑͆̒͋̄̑͂̓̆̓͌̄̔̌́̀͗̈̌͛̓̀͑̾͐́̅̔̈̐̍̽͒̾̑̾̽̓̏͋̈́̄͊͐̓̆̀͋̔̍̿̋̇͋̆̆͌͊̂̔̇͌̃̅̑̒̌͋̏́̓͌̂̈́̾̄̾̔̃̂̓͗̿̈́́̀̽̽̃̀̐̒̐̈́̒̓̾̎̈̀̎̊̈̿͗͋̓̒͘̕͘̕̕͘̚̚̚̕͘͘͘͜͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅs̸̢̡̧̧̨̨̡̢̨̨̧̡̧̨̡̡̛̜̖̯̜͚̣͎͕̳̭̭̭̠̜̻͍͙̙̤͈͉̝̞͈͓̹̪̠̳͈̞̫̼̝̘͕̮͔̗̥̞̫͍̥͈̠̱̲͈͎̮̯͖̪̠̪̮̹̰͖̲̳̘͙̘̬̗̱̰͓̮̤̦̠͍̬̘̹͈̤̩̖͎̠̰͓̞̯̖̰̮̹̬̣̲̹̗̙̼̟̱̳̦̻̟͈̩̼̮̠̦̰̥̘͚͙̱͍̲̰͕͙̳͕̞̝͙͙̙̝͎͖̝̪͍̥͍̮̥̤͙̪͍͖̼͉̪͕̼͇͇̻͓̱̮̦̟̭̩͎̝͚͚̳͉͉͍̑̓̀̏͌̄͒̔̄̑͑̇̾̒̑̋̾̄̋̈́̈̽͆̒͆͛̈́͌̽̈̃̇̈́̃͛̿͑͐̔̊̄͋̽̉̔̊̌͛͋̑̀̑͆͑͐̓̎̆̃͑͒̓͒͋̈́̆̂̈́̍͋̾̂̈́̒̄̓̾̍́͗̃͊͆͊͌̈́̈́̀͊̈͗̓̒̈̄̇̂͌̾͒̎̇́̾̆̓̏͛̂͆͊͋͂͘̚̚̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅs̴̨̧̧̢̨̢̨̨̡̧̢̡̧̧̢̛̛̛̗͎͕̥̗͖̟̮̻̠̫͈̻̲͇̻̻̰̮̮̺̞̤̠̖̞͓̯͔͖͖̬͕͕̺͕̱̤̳͍͔̳̩͙̪͔̝͚̥̻͓̹̘̘͔̰͔̦̭͈̗̤̜͕̮̭͖̞̣̝̗͎̣̯͈̖̝̙̩͎̝͈͉̠̞͉͈̟̯̱̝̘̥̤̮̱̩̤̰̩̤̻͉͕͔̠̮͙̖̯̯̰̝̣̝̠͈̩̲̗͕̟̩̞̟̱̜̼̫̩̤̘̝̪̼͎̙͔̘͎̻͙̣̫̆̑̀̅̂̆̊́̋̏͗̃͒̅̂̋̐͆͊̽́̎̔̍͐̂͋̽̓̈̊̆̐̍̌́̉̅̑̆̒̌̉̒̈́̈́͆̅͐̆̃́̌̏́͗͒̀̾̅̒̑̈́͒̑͛͆̀̔̆̚̕̕̕͜͜͜͝͝͝͠ͅͅȇ̴̢̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̙̮̖͕̞̣̜̩̺̻͙̬̦̭̥̮̺̩̩̹͔͎̻̠͕̖̩̫̟̖̯̦̥̩̙͎̪̑͒̑͗̉̓̂̑͗̈́̇́̈́̃̐͑͑̈́̓̃̿́̎̿̋̽̇̂̐͗͊̿̂͌̊͗͊̆̈́̊̀͊̈́͛̍̉̉̓̿̊̍̐͛͆́͆͊̋̈̽̄͋͗̋͊͂͌͂̾́̐̈́͊̽̒͆̇͒̍͌̂̿̇͌̌̇͗̀̐̇̐̀̈̂̂́͗͐͋̔͂̈́̌̆̽̍̾̀̓̈́̆́̅̈́͌̿̓͂͗͒̉́̇̆̆̀̎̑̾͋̏̄̊͌́̂͐̑̾̈́͋̈̒̈͛̉̑͋̉̏̒̌̎̍̔̏̓̈́̏͌̊̊͑́͑̂̏͂͛͋̏̑̓̓̌̈̈́̾̑̒͂̿̃̔̊̈̏̒͘̕̚̚̚̚̕̚͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠d̴̡̧̧̛̛̛̛̛̯̯̲͖̰̺̬͉̳̜̼̭̤͓̜̜̪̺̖͕̦̥͇̜̠̳̪̳̬̲̣̗̘̰̙̲͚͇̬̼̠̲̠̮̦̭̭͈͓͚̞̀̔̃̀̿͆͒̀͊̔̇̐́́̌̍̽̾̅̋̔́͋́͆̒̈́̋̓̌͂̀͑͑̒̍̆̽͐͗̓̈́̓̏͒̽̑̑͒͐̓̀̓̏͊̇̓̓̈̃͌̄̔̓̇̄̾̎͑̃́̊́̌͋͋͗̆̏̎͒̈́̈́̀̎͊͗̇͊͒̈̈́̔̈́͐̈́̆̃̀̂̾̕̚͘̕̕͘̚͘̕͘͠͝͝͝͝͝͝

There’s a little less than two days until they announce the vaccine. This is going to be a major shock to the population, as we’ve all become complacent with the way things have become. I don’t even think anyone talks about the disease anymore. At least not the media, who really dictate what people talk about anyways.

Of course, we are going to gobble this up. Who wouldn’t want to return to normal, even though no one is sure what normal is anymore. Even once everyone has gotten their digital certificates for their vaccinations, that joy to life we once had is all but gone due to constant surveillance. We’ll go to our sporting events, cheer, laugh, and then return to being dead inside.



Having arrived earlier than most others, I found there was no clear entrance, so I ventured to find someone who is knowledgeable about the proceedings happening today.

There was someone off in the distance, so I ventured my way towards them, albeit uncomfortably. As I drew near, they took notice of me. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, since I haven’t taken any precautions since I arrived. I approach them cautiously donning my mask, rubbing my hands together as if something’s dirty,

“Uh,” I timidly ask, “where’s the stuff?”


That is why I carry a hand sized version in my bag at all times :stuck_out_tongue:

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Screw gravity.