New Beginnings And 15 Characters


It’s always strange to start again. I’m sitting here and not really knowing what to write.

MyGaming has been my home since 2010 and sadly most people were only there for the competitions. The ones who stayed ended up being my friends. My family.

So firstly thanks to Ja… I mean SIGSTART for being proactive in keeping the community together. Because in the end it’s not the site but the people that matter.

It’s a shame about the postcount though! It feels like an achievement of sorts. But things come and go and sometimes we just have to let go and start anew. Let’s see where this road takes us.

Hehe it wouldn’t let me post the thread with the heading New Beginnings.


Yeah I see Discourse doesn’t show post count. At least not by default (maybe there’s a way to turn that on).

Discourse also takes its “civil discussions” manifesto to the extreme with high characters counts for titles and posts.

Maybe we should lower the topic title minimum character count?


Yes, and post length too if possible. I like this forum software, it looks nice. It’s something to get used to though.


Cool I’ve decreased the minimum title character count to 10 and reduced the minimum entropy, as well as the minimum post character count.

Discourse discourages the +1 posts we had, but it adds the like button and encourages that it is used.

I’ll want to test if good ol’ “FTFY” jokes work as things are configured now, though.


Ooh I didn’t even notice the like button. That’s pretty cool.


@SIGSTART can we maybe change the title minimum character count to 3? I just created a thread for Prey and 4 characters didn’t make it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps we should borrow from NeoGAF and use a standard for official threads, which will make the thread titles longer (and probably rank them higher in Google).

Maybe something like:

  • Prey (2014) — Good morning, Morgan (official thread)


I like this. Just don’t do all the bad stuff Neogaf did recently :wink:


Oooh, drama! What did they do?


Apparently the site owner did some naughty things, and all the moderators abandoned ship and started their own site. The site was even down for a while

Ooh I like this preview thing ^^ this forum software is pretty neat actually.


Oh damn… not what I was expecting. Now I feel all guilty about my ignorant relish. That’s really, really terrible.


Okay, that’s a good idea. I’ll be a bit more creative and create long thread names.


Hey everyone!!! I am here!!! Hide the cheeseburgers…

But seriously though, I was genuinely sad when I got the news about MyGaming. Like I told Ja…erm @SIGSTART MyGaming has also been my home, but the writing has been on the wall about the future for a while now.

But, I’m here to embrace the change!!!

So hi everyone!!!


Hellooooooooooo everyone, I have to say, it was sad, Mygaming is the second place that I have called home that has not survived. At least at mygaming we have started out as a weirdo community and evolved into a family. I am excited to help out in any way I can - please just dont ask me to write articles :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone

Made a few other posts already before getting to this, topic is it?

The other option for an official thread is to make it [Official Thread] Prey 2017, for instance.


Here all threads are official. And welcome, I’m glad you joined us.


Thanks for the invite :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome ya’ll!

Sorry for the long delay in responses to the posts and messages you made throughout the day. I won’t be able to post here during work hours until after the final decision about MyGaming is made.

Regarding “official” threads — I completely forgot about the tagging system! The tag doesn’t have to be officialthread, but we can certainly use tags to highlight posts like that. I’ve tried it on two threads so long.


Hi all!

Thanks for the invite.


first off, allow me to apologise for my hiatus on MyGaming. Definitely not by choice. The bank I worked for blocked the site :frowning: Strangely, they did not block the SAGamer site, so not sure what their filtering rules were.

Anyways, happy to be a part of the new adventure!