New Beginnings And 15 Characters


Herro. does that mean our Game achievements were all for nothing…? o_0

Say it isn’t so!

Also, a login password of minimum 10 characters is also a bit rough, but I did mail Ja…SIGSTART about it (is that a thing now?)


Achievements are supported here. So Ja… I mean @SIGSTART (totally a thing), would it be possible to bring our badges this side? Are they also nice and visible?


Sup guys. Thanks for the invite. Sad day indeed. But sometimes change is as good as a holiday. I mostly lurked on mygaming, but the friends I made there are some of the best I have.

Onwards and upwards as they say.


Looking forward to see what is in store for the future! Bunch of scary people we have here, hopping from site to site!


Wasn’t Discourse founded by the legendary Jeff Atwood? I absolutely adored his “choose your own adventure” blog post(s) when he decided to leave Stack Overflow. I even got a bit teary after reading it.


I’m really excited to see all the peeps I came to know from MyGaming coming over to our new digs as well. Its all awesome and new and exciting.


The one and only. While I’m not a huge fan of Rails (a.k.a. Ruby), I’ve been following Discourse since launch and it’s basically received all the features I wished it had three or four years ago.

I am thoroughly impressed by it.


Plus I’m really impressed with the mobile version. I’ve always used Tapatalk for MyG, but Discourse is lightyears ahead of it.


It certainly is a breath of fresh air from the rest of the phpBB and vBulletin sites out there…


Would something like this (Discourse) be possible in Node?


Of course! Almost anything is possible in Node. You’ll just need a robust front-end library as well, like React.


Indeed! It’s one of the options I considered –


Ja I’m liking the mobile version quite a lot. Doesn’t feel like I’m on my phone really.


Ja and it is impressively responsive


One thing I’ve not been able to figure out though, is if the mobile version can do notifications. Doesn’t seem like it can. I like the fact that Tapatalk notified you when something happened on the forum. Would be nice to have that on here as well.


You mean like thread subscriptions?

Is there no reply with quote yet or am I just not seeing it?


Well yes, or when someone replies to a comment. I don’t get a notification before opening the site. While on the site I see the notification then. But I’d like to get notified even if I’m not on the site. Push notifications in other words.


Ja I don’t think that is possible with a Web interface. Now if there was an app…


Have you tried this @DieGrootHammer?


Nothing like that unfortunately :tired_face: