New Beginnings And 15 Characters


That would work well if I was on my desktop. Its all on but nothing coming through on my phone.


Its really sad isn’t it?


It’s awesome seeing all the new people. Sorry guys. I’ve had a super busy morning at work. But welcome to all of you.


Is there a way to get notifications via email ?

… Yes, think you need to “watch” the topic


yes I saw afterwards you have to select the text you want to quote. I was looking for a button…

Sorry I would have replied sooner but apparently I used up all my posts for the day on the bus going to work :frowning:


Hi guys. Coming over from MyGaming. Late I know. That last post really hit you. :sob:
I really like the feel of this new ‘architecture’. It’s very slick.

I’m hoping all the best for MEW.
Is there any way to ‘join’ to help out with things?


Welcome to MEW @Entity!


Welcome @Entity. We’re glad to have you.


Welcome Entity! Hope you enjoy your stay with us :slight_smile: