NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series

The first 3 cards have been announced for new nvidia 30 series. It looks very promising.

Here is the whole show:

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I read that slogan “The Ultimate Play” as “The Ultimate Pay” and thought, Ya that’s about right. :laughing:


I’ve been putting away some money for an upgrade for a while. I hope it’s going to be enough for the 3080.


Hopefully, tech prices have been silly since the lockdown. If it’s not enough at least you can get a nice car with the money instead!

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From Tom’s Guide:

  • The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is a $1,499 monster graphics card able to run games at a ridiculous 8K at 60 frames per second.
  • The GeForce RTX 3080 is the top-end Ampere graphics card for people on more realistic budgets, starting at $699 and offering up to two times the performance of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.
  • For $499, the new GeForce RTX 3070 will offer more performance than an RTX 2080 Ti, yet will be half the price potentially making it a bargain graphics card

Landed costs in SA might push the 3080 a little over the budget, but if the performance and pricing of the 3070 is accurate, I have a feeling they’ll regularly be out of stock all over the world.



They did catch up, cos no one can afford that



Evetech is listing some already


Edit: Wootware also has them but they don’t have any prices.


Remember when it was just Workstation cards that cost over R40k… Pepperidge Farms remembers


I don’t really think the 3090’s are meant for regular users necessarily, but yeah I still remember buying my Voodoo 2 for R2 000 back in the day and thinking how that was considered expensive.

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I’m hearing that Evetech has basically cornered the market for the initial batch of RTX 30-series cards. At least the RTX 3080 and 3090.

Apparently South Africa wasn’t going to get any stock from the first batch of cards, but Evetech managed to get a handful allocated to them.

Disclaimer: This is unverified info from a single industry source.


That would be a shame if true, I understand Evetech doesn’t have the best after sales service reputation.


You’ve now piqued my interest. Let’s work that R2,000 forward to today’s money and see how it compares to a shiny new RTX 3080!

South Africa’s CPI history can be found on the Stats SA website: http://www.statssa.gov.za/?page_id=1854&PPN=P0141&SCH=7794

The Voodoo2 was released in 1998.

As I started doing this I realised that just looking at inflation wasn’t going to give a complete picture. I needed to look at foreign exchange as well.

So I pulled the spot ZAR-USD exchange rate in the data from the last day available of every year from the Reserve Bank: https://www.resbank.co.za/Research/Rates/Pages/SelectedHistoricalExchangeAndInterestRates.aspx

For the 2020 exchange rate I just grabbed today’s.

Year Average inflation NPV Forex: R/$ Forex % change Forex-adjusted NPV
1998 6.9% R2,000 5.8617 R2,000
1999 5.1% R2,138 6.1548 5.0% R2,245
2000 5.3% R2,247 7.5683 23.0% R2,763
2001 5.7% R2,366 12.0862 59.7% R3,779
2002 9.2% R2,501 8.658 -28.4% R1,792
2003 5.8% R2,731 6.6558 -23.1% R2,100
2004 1.4% R2,889 5.6356 -15.3% R2,447
2005 3.4% R2,930 6.3205 12.2% R3,286
2006 4.7% R3,030 6.9737 10.3% R3,343
2007 7.1% R3,172 6.7862 -2.7% R3,087
2008 11.5% R3,397 9.3035 37.1% R4,657
2009 7.1% R3,788 7.3721 -20.8% R3,001
2010 4.3% R4,057 6.6224 -10.2% R3,644
2011 5.0% R4,231 8.1319 22.8% R5,196
2012 5.6% R4,443 8.4838 4.3% R4,635
2013 5.7% R4,692 10.4675 23.4% R5,789
2014 6.1% R4,959 11.5719 10.6% R5,482
2015 4.6% R5,261 15.5742 34.6% R7,081
2016 6.4% R5,504 13.6282 -12.5% R4,816
2017 5.3% R5,856 12.294 -9.8% R5,282
2018 4.7% R6,166 14.4116 17.2% R7,228
2019 4.1% R6,456 14.0418 -2.6% R6,290
2020 R6,721 16.7588 19.3% R8,021

This shows a few things:

  1. GPUs have got a lot more expensive in real terms.
  2. Even when factoring in the exchange rate you don’t get close to R20k-R40k for a graphics card, so GPUs have got more expensive since 1998.

Did a quick Google to make sure I’m barking up the right tree here and apparently the Voodoo2 sold for around $300 when it first came out.

Bit of a thumbsuck, but I reckon that puts it more in-line with the RTX 3070 in today’s money than the RTX 3080 or 3090. Even so, Evetech is charging upwards of R15,500 for an RTX 3070 — much higher than inflation and the exchange rate from 1998 would predict.


Looking at the initially pricing will be keeping the 2080ti for a bit longer. Hopefully the titan ice current pricing is just placeholder. Want a 3090 but not probably not at R40k…


So, in short, the 3080 is 60% to 90% faster than my current 1080ti. Does that justify a new card? Not for me, not yet.

My problem is new games taking advantage of the 30 series and leaving me behind in a year or 2. But then I will evaluate an upgrade again.