Nvidia RTX 20xx cards have finally been announced

The raytracing capability looks pretty impressive. How long it will be before games start taking advantage of it, is another story, of course.


Apparently not too long at all. They already showed Shadow of the Tomb Raider using the tech, and both Battlefield 5 and Metro Exudus will also be utilizing it.

Looks pretty impressive - but ouch at that price. That 2080ti will probably retail around R20k locally!

neeman hemel. Waar gan dit stop!

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It’s insane. It will also be much cheaper to just import it from Amazon. I think Evetech screwed up their prices there.

I dunno hey, think that might be the price tbh.


I waited so long for the new cards but I’m not prepared to pay anything close to that.

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When I bought my 1080ti HOF back then it was close so 18K. I do not see prices coming down of current gen cards due to lack of stock. So all they can do is push up pricing of RTX. But best to rather wait and see for sure, as Evetech has done this before.

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Retail shops don’t usually drop the prices on previous gen cards, however the 2nd hand market (ie Carb) is where it’s at.

I had a look yesterday and I saw a 1080 ti going as low as R7800, while the majority seem to be around R8500 to R9000. That price will probably keep on dropping, especially once the new gen releases.


That is true yeah. 1080tis are gonna drop like apples from trees now.
Just care though, that if a card was mines that it was well maintained and under clocked

Yep. I was going to buy one, that was the plan, but since I’m planning on leaving the country I’ll have to give that up, unfortunately. :sob:

Where you off to?

The 2070 and especially 2060 will be the sweet spot, as always. 2080 / Ti level performance will be reserved for those that don’t worry about such piddly things as a “budget” when speccing hardware.

At any rate, we haven’t seen any benchmarks or independent reviews yet, so it’s way too soon to consider parting with any Randelas.

Dollar price x 15 and add another 40-50%, which is nothing strange when it comes to SA hardware prices. For the non-founder’s edition 2080Ti ($999), that gets you to around R22k. So not too far off.

Australia (yes that is an acceptable answer forum)



Hahahahaha this is stupid!

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Those prices are insane.

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Here’s an insightful view on the launch and pricing. I tend to trust Steve’s judgement in these matters.


Great video. Imagine paying 5k - 6k more for a next gen graphics card and only getting 5fps -10fps more in a game :rofl:

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