Nvidia RTX 20xx cards have finally been announced


If you only get 5fps more then you probably have more money than sense.


The next gen cards will not be aimed at FPS performance increase.
People will be paying for the Ray Tracing tech.
The only issue is that most games currently and in the near future will not be able to utilize Ray Tech


All true. Hence all the tech reviewers are saying “wait until we’ve reviewed them!”.


Saw a few articles/videos from people who tested RTX 2080Ti’s at Gamescon. Tomb Raider was (allegedly) chugging along between 30~60 fps at 1080p with Ray Tracing on (Beta Drivers?) Battlefield V was also shown and a different reviewer said, it was definitely not pushing 60 fps constantly.

Ray Tracing is cool and it’s great to have new tech which leads the way to better advancements but the price just does not justify the visual advantage presently. I’ll wait for the 3000 series or what ever it is that AMD has planned.

If they asking this much for the 2080/70’s I wonder what the standard GTX 2060/50 series cards will cost. Despite them not being RTX cards.

Matters not, I am happy with my GTX1050ti and most of the games I play I set to low to try and get a slight advantage in any case.


I read the same thing. It’s a game-side issue, not a driver issue. The developers say they haven’t fully implemented the RTX feature set yet; it will apparently be addressed by a patch some time after release.

Do we have confirmation that the 2060 and down will not be RTX cards? I haven’t seen anything official on that score.


I’ll wait until the actual benchmarks before I form an opinion.

The raytracing looks amazing. My biggest concern is the price.


I am just guessing there won’t be any RTX cards beyond the 70/80’s because the 50/60’s probably would not be worth throwing RTX into if they are mid range cards, which would then drive up the cost. No longer placing them in the mid range segment.


Am I the only one scratching my head wondering where AMD are at with Ray Tracing? Why am I remembering like 10 years ago this discussion being had and AMD tried it on i think their 4000 series cards and noone cared or something…


Sjoh I have no idea, did not even know they were busy with the same tech


They’ve had opensource FireRays for quite some time now…

I’m trying to find articles on it, but google seems adamant to show me ray tracing articles from 3 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just SURE i read articles where AMD were like “this is where the future of gaming is going” because it was around the time there was talk of a ceiling in terms of graphics, and the only way to make it look better past a point was to use ray tracing, but that it was in its infancy and needed support…

I mean this article is from 2008, and it talks of Larrabee!


Intel might be resurrecting Larrabee. Some of the people they recently re-hired worked on the design back then.

As for where AMD are… This is the big question, isn’t it? Assuming real time raytracing really takes off in a big way, they’ll need to come to the party. Consider however, that Nvidia effectively took 10 years to build Turing…


At those prices I will stick to my 1080gtx for a bit longer.


Either way I’m sticking to ny 1080. Hell, the 1060 in my laptop is good enough for the games I play these days. Even then I find myself more on my PS4 than either laptop or desktop.


My next upgrade is going to have to be MB, CPU and Ram before i even think about buy a new GFX


Reviews are in.

The 2080Ti is a beast of a card, but very poor value thanks to the crazy price tag. The 2080 performs about the same as a 1080Ti, for similar money, so it’s kind of pointless since there is very little use for the new features currently.


Would that suggest that when the 2080 becomes readily available the 1080Ti price will drop to shift old stock? Or is that not how these things normally go?


I think that depends on whether Nvidia themselves decide to drop prices of the 1080Ti. If the card is being discontinued, it may get cheaper. But afaik Nvidia have said they will continue to sell Pascal cards for the immediate future.



I just watched that video. Man, I’m honestly disappointed for now. I was so keen on this launch. I’ve saved up for so long for this generation of cards.

Now I wonder if I should wait some more.


In my opinion you should never upgrade for the sake of it. If you’re struggling to run the games you want to play at reasonable settings, sure go for it, but if you just want it because it’s the latest greatest thing then you’ll probably just be wasting your money. Ray tracing is very exciting, but I think wait until there are at least a few games that you really want to play that support it before just going for it. By then the cards may even be way cheaper as well.