Official Crypto Club: Hard Fork - Alts and ICOs

Since the crypto world is rather big and there are various aspects and topics to discuss around it, I thought I’d create a spin-off from the Official Crypto Club thread (hard-fork if you will :slight_smile:) , dedicated to just ALT coins and ICOs.
If you know of an ALT or ICO that has the potential to return at least 20% profit over a period of 1-12 months (or longer), feel free to post it here with any relevant information, materials, buy range and estimate target value (if possible). Obviously the longer the period, the higher the return should be.
The potential for gains (and losses) are quite big. I’ve made at least a 200% return on EzToken that @Hiro recommended in the Crypto Club thread and currently sitting in at least 20% profit in THETA (and still holding).

Please do not post about pump-and-dumps as there is no need to try and make money at the expense of other people. Also, don’t post ref-links that would allow you to make profit or commission off the members here. If you share something, it should be in the interest of this community, not personal gain.

Important: If you’re following tips from this thread, do so at your own risk. Investment in crypto in general is high risk so never invest any money that you’re not prepared to loose. Always do your own research before investing into anything.

At minimum, to start with this, you’ll need an account on an exchange. Specifically these three:

Finally, here are some tip groups that I’m following on Telegram (all free). Some of the things I’ll post here will come from them specifically (mostly the first one as I have the others on mute, but some of their tips seem quite decent).

Ok, so I’ll get the ball rolling.

NEM - New Economy Movement (Token: XEM)

  • Exchange
    • Huobi (and possibly others)
  • Current price
    • 0.00004215 BTC

I bought at 0.00005675 and again later when the price dropped at 0.00004323, so it is now around the cheapest price available. The price drop was probably due to the BTC price drop plus a hack that they needed to deal with.

Short-term Outlook
The token is already confirmed to be listed on Binance (probably in March) so if you’re holding when it gets listed, it should be a quick 20% profit (if not more) on the short term. As soon as it gets listed on Binance, the price will jump. It is also due to be listed on a new exchange that will launch in April.

Long-term Outlook
However, this token can easily increase 5x or more in value if held for longer due to the following:

  • Venezuala is planning to use this to build their new Petrocoin on (
  • They are working on a project called Catapult which will be released later this year. If the launch is successful, it will have a massive effect on the price.

I can only point you towards information as I find it online. Some of the information / technical analysis is from a paid subscription so obviously I can’t simply copy and paste it here. This token was however tipped by BlockchainWhispers, the community there, at least 2 other tip groups and this “report” from February.

I’m planning to sell as soon as it hits the exchange and then wait a bit and try and buy back in at a cheaper price once the hype has cooled off.


  • Exchange
    • Huobi
  • Current Price
    • 0.00001843 BTC
  • Hold for
    • 6-8 months
  • Potential
    • 10x, but probably more

I bought at various levels ranging from 0.00001580 to 0.00001780. After I bought, the price dropped a bit (so I bought more) and then the price shot up by around 50% before coming down to the current levels. The alt seems to want to break out soon so buy and hold. If you sell at for instance 100% profit, you might not get a chance to buy back in at a lower price.

In total I have more than R3k invested (usually I only invest about R500-R1000 per Alt). I might invest more if the price happens to come down.

One of the creators of Youtube is involved with the project. More information here: