Official MEW Race of Geeks [MEWRL]

As the 2019 season officially opens in Melbourne today so does the more important Official MEW Race of Geeks start.

Rules are simple.

  1. You may enter using F1 2017 or F1 2018
  2. You may use any controller
  3. You may use any configuration regarding setup and assists as long as no scripts or hacks are used.
  4. Track will be the current weekends track - raced in “ghost mode” (insert correct name here) as we are using different platforms a photo of your best lap time(s) must be posted on the forum (whatsapp group for times if posting images is a mission) with a piece of paper saying “MEW F1 (username)” visible no late than Lights out on Sunday.
  5. You have two chances of scoring
    5.1 “Quali” will be done on the track to be used for that weekends race IN ANY CAR YOU CHOOSE
    5.2 Race day will be in a predetermined car.
  6. Points are 10 for a win 9 for second etc etc
  7. Should their be enough interest we can have a team event. First race will determine the team (first and last, second and second last)
  8. I will organise a physical trophy for the winner and winning team (posted in December, received in July)
  9. Have fun - who cares if you do a 1.51 in Melbourne.

With the rules out the way, lets get this party started!
First race will be in a HAAS as their is not much difference in performance between the two games (to my knowledge)

*Remember Melbourne is an early start on Sunday so get those times in.

Rules are open for discussion until tomorrow evening.


Can we not just take a screenshot and post it on here?
I am on no whatsapp group, and writing things down and then taking pics is so 2007 :stuck_out_tongue: + I am sure no one on here will actually cheat and photo shop results

Will it also not be more interesting if we all race using the same settings? Most realistic setting as possible to have an even playing field ?


I think screenshots would probably be best.

Also my writing is terrible and there would be complaints


Screenshots are cool - I forget about the PC race. I’ll send a pic as I have no internet inside my xbox.

Down for that, just accomadating people who are new who need assists and also the grandmasters (ahem @DieGrootHammer) who probably go faster without.

I put it to the floor /in a gerrie nel voice*


I need alllllllllllllll the assists I suck at the game but will try it


I’d say any assist config is fine. It probably would skew times in favour of the experienced racers but at least novices can still have fun and not get overly frustrated with the learning curve


Oki doki. Will install the game when I get home and give it a try.
So must we ride the Haas or can we ride any car?

So we can set time in any car, and then we must also set time in any other car hey? I have it correct?

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Two times

1 in any car and 1 in the rabbit


Okay cool got it ma’am

What sort of kit are you racing with these days?

Still just Xbox Controller, got no space for a lekker steering wheel setup at the moment :frowning:
And I play Bike games like Ride 3 as well, so controller works the best.

Have not played a car racing game in a VERY long time though. Think the last was the Forza Comp we did

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I am struggling to get my pc to see my xbox controller after the last update

Right then, let me go ahead and set the first benchmark

First things first, that is a quick recording of the replay of my fastest lap with the Haas so far. The time was a 1:23.501. Not a bad start, but as you can see from the video I cocked up the last sector. I’ll try and improve my lap time again and submit my final time in screenshot format


I think I should just bow out now


I cant beat a 1.25.8.
@Wyvern sent me your time and i just cant get it.
Not even my theoretical best is an improvement

F1 2017 is still R1000 on Playstation! What the heck.

Hopefully I will get some laps in tonight. Still finishing off the download

Screenshot of my first round of lap times:

This is with the Haas:

Then when I entered the Red Bull, the difference was incredible:

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Ek gaan my hande vol he sien ek!
Most people riding on Experienced with TC on Medium?

Yes I did cheat a little bit. I have TC on Medium, but everything else is off. Also doing manual gear selection. I’m about 1.5 seconds slower with full professional driving setting with no assist at all.

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