Official Movie Trailer Thread



cool. thanks



Looking forward to it. Mads Mikkelsen is perfect for this! I also see Deadmau5 produced an original score for the film. The official soundtrack will be released on the same day as the movie, but a few tracks are already available on YouTube.


Still looks like fun


Straight to DVD?


The critics have not been kind on Polar :grimacing: Only 16 on Metacritic at the moment.

Polar Is Putrid, Soulless, and Worst of All, Stale

Polar is an execrable motion picture, a sad, lint-filled key bump scraped together from the bottom of the post-Tarantino ’90s exploitation baggie.

I blame Vanessa Hudgens. Still gonna watch it. :grinning:


That’s not good to hear. Mads is such a great actor though.


Soulless, and Worst of All, Stale

That describes that thing perfectly.

Also what is it with all the Netflix movies with so much violence in them?


Started watching the Ted Bundy documentary on Nextflix last night and now i see the trailer for the movie


You know, I’m really not a Zach Efron fan, but looks like he has come a long way. I am actually interested in this, it looks realy good.


i was in the same boat, his movies over the last few years have been pretty good, he has definately ditched the high school musical persona that plagued him.


Dammit they wanna make me cry again


What’s interesting is that according to the trailers for both the movie and the documentary it’s made by the same dude. Unless it’s just a case of two people sharing the same name.


Nope not watching that.


But why not!?!?



the Tolkien movie, I am not going to lie, the trailer had me in tears.

Why? Because I read my first read through of LOR when I was 11, and read it almost every year until I was over 30.

I actually threw my much paged through copy at a bully once, when I was a teen. It hit him hard.



I’m definitely keen to watch it too. The Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favourite books. I hope the movie also explores Tolkien’s and C.S. Lewis’s friendship as they encouraged each other in writing their stories.