Old games, forgotten and unavailable

We all have that special list of old games we used to play. Games from our youth that just enthralled us. With the advent of digital gaming platforms like GOG and Steam, it also meant that we could again play those classics on our spanking new PC’s.

And yet, there are some games that are not available on these platforms. Forgotten titles in licensing limbo, or just simply tossed to the annuals of history, forever to be lost to a new generation.

So the question is this, which old games have you always wanted to replay, but couldn’t because they are not available to buy on any digital platform, or the CD you had has been lost?

For me there are 3 games I would absolutely love to play again:
Hidden and Dangerous (the first one)
The Movies (remember that?! Such a fun game)
Freelancer (MS’s missing gem they really need to look at bringing back)

So share with us your list of long lost games. Perhaps some members have secret access to a vault that could lead to you playing the game again…

for me it was Outlaw golf

x2 wolverines revenge

and no one lives forever 2

couldnt find legit copies anywhere not even on ebay (anyone willing to ship to SA) so i acquired it via alternative methods a few years ago (its not being sold anywhere so no revenue lost)

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Oh my word I forgot about No One Lives Forever!! That was such a great game. Pity it’s nowhere available

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I still have the CD’s for No One Lives Forever 2. I must still go back and finish the game. The co-op was a lot of fun too, and it was clever how they worked the coop missions into the story line of the single player campaign.

A game I was mad for that nobody else knew of was Exhumed, it landed up on our home PC in mid 90’s but nobody knew how the heck it got there making it even more special :smiley:

I swear ive been wondering what the hell game it was for years because I forgot the name and rediscovered it last year. I emulate it, but the dosbox/d-fend emulator doesnt translate it too well. Now just today I find it was made for PS1 and named as Powerslave! happy days, I still have a PS2 which plays PS1 games perfect!

There was this game demo on one of the first few PC Format CD’s back in the day, I think it was called The Tainted or something.
Was an ARPG perspective and you had guns, and you could only buy and sell stuff once the “orbital” was overhead.

I don’t think a full game was ever released. If there was, I have never been able to find it.

Clive Barker’s Undying

i loved that game but lost the game long time ago

I loved that game when it came out. It’s available on GOG if you’re interested. (and on sale right now)


The Tainted was being developed by Celestial (South African Dev), the same guys that made Toxic Bunny.

This is the part where you tell me where I can get it, or that there is a spiritual successor, right?

I remember it as well, including seeing boxed copies at Incredible Connection around the same time C&C Tiberian Sun was released.

Nope. I wouldn’t bother if I were you anyway, all their games are pretty BAD. :smirk:

Gosh now I’m not even sure if I have the correct name. I remember what the PCFormat demo disk looked like, but I’m not sure about the name.

It was on one of the very first issues of PCF in SA. I’d guess one of the first 10 or so.

It sounds like The Tainted. I actually have a boxed copy of it somewhere. And unfortunately it was pretty bad.

Well now you need to give it to me so I can see and can get over it. I remember liking it a lot back then (granted I was like 8 years old or something; can’t remember what year it was).

Hmmm if you were 8 then I wonder if it’s the same game. Is this the one you are thinking of?

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It was released around 1999/2000, because I distinctly remember seeing the boxed copies stacked at the entrance of Incredible Connection when I went to buy Tiberian Sun. So that’s 19 odd years ago…

this is a game that i hoped was getting a remake or sequel, but it never happened

To think this game runs on a modified mech warrior 2 engine which looked amazing at the time, there was a direct sequel interstate 82 but it wasnt as good as this one

Yeah that looks right. Damn brain, always remember things looking better than they do. I liked the game when I was young; is it really that bad? I haven’t been able to find it online or anywhere,really.

Can’t access torrent sites at work, but I just want to play it so I can realise how shit it is and can forget about it.

Yeah it’s pretty bad unfortunately. The AI for me was the worst part of it. Enemies always swarmed you.

I’m sure I’ve got it in a box somewhere if you want me to find it for you.