Oxygen Not Included



I got completely sucked into this game again. It’s so much fun. But I need to learn to crisis manage. Every time I do something wrong I just restart. I normally get to around cycle 60-70 and then someone shits in the fresh water or the algae is gone or something. One day I will defeat this game.


You are doing better than me! I get to day 40ish then I bugger up the system - I am still unlucky with my planet spawns - they are terrible and I struggle with survival


I am waiting for a few more updates before diving back into this game. (read too many games to play)



closest i got was 91 days


ok, guess i will be buying RIMWORLD tonight. coz i bloody LOVE LOVE LOVE Oxygen Not Included.

Only started playing it earlier this week, but i’m smitten. Love the artl style and the humour. (Have you seen their faces when they get assigned a job and get a hat??) Also totally staggered at the depth of the game! Have played for several hours but still feel like I am only just scratching the surface.


Rimworld is a very different beast. I am still too intimidated by it to buy it.


@Talentloos, I’m enjoying it. It looks very complicated when you first start it but after a couple of tries I’ve got a nice place going. Time goes very quickly while you are playing it!


yeah its great that you just learn as you go along. for me a lot of the fun is starting over.


It’s been in my Wishlist for ages. Just looked in on it and see it’s on -40% sale for a couple of days. Even better, if you have the other Klei games you can get it for less than half price:


I love this game, but want a multiplayer function simply cos I cant do the pipes and vents so my poor eejits die off by 60 days. . . .


Needs to play this again but too many games that I need to finish.


I’ve got a good colony going at the moment. I haven’t tried the whole pipe thing yet. There’s some complicated things going on and I’m learning by trial and error. :slight_smile:


I was playing this weekend. I starved one colony and suffocated another. :cry:


I tend to suffocate them as well. I also still cannot get the ducting and all that jazz working


think I will fire this up later again Have not played in 3 months and there has been many updates, last time I played I had runaway thermals and tried to build an AC system, go to the meteor surface as well


This is what I have now.


I need to play this again and see if I can survive.


YOH, you are very neat… mine is such a mess at the moment…


Everyone post your colony screenies, I am curious.