Oxygen Not Included



i dont want to after seeing what your colony looks like…

but i’ll do it when i get home after class tonight



Donsie play for me please


i can help if you would like :rofl: i generally f* up ±110th cycle


dude I get excited when I make it day 34


:rofl: what do you struggle with?


everything - normally water, then air then food


so you need to figure out the vent and piping system


partykeer is dit luck of the draw met die start van die base…partykeer begin mens met baie water, ander keer nie en dan moet jy vroeg al ver begin grou.

kos is altyd a probleem vir my… ek hardloop altyd uit kos uit, altyd


I just have a talent of getting the worst planets - always missing vital resources


haha, wat jy ook kan doen is op duplicants te kry wat die Ugly crier trait het sodat as hulle begin starve of wat ookal dat hulle huil, dan kan jy darem water uit hulle kry.

(Letwel ekt dit nogi self getry nie, nou net daaraan gedink)


bwahahahahahahahaha Ek gaan dit wragtig try


with the new updates you can disable hunger when you start a colony. I would highly suggest this if you are struggling in the beginning parts of the game. This way you can get a grip on the mechanics without worrying about your dupes starving.


Oooh, this should be fun. Wyv posts her starting map and the committee decides what she should do.


we should all play on the same world seed and see how it goes


I vote this


Nooooo you guys make me want to play this again.


Go on @Wyvern choose a seed for us to play on.


I will see if I can play the game offline tonight since my connection is iffy at best.


you should be able to. whether you want to is a different story. so baie kak en elende…