Oxygen Not Included

Any one buy this little gem as yet?

Been playing it for a couple of days now and its a lot of fun. Its like the sims but mix in the a city building type game like simcity as well. Its an early access game so there is still quite a bit that needs to be changed to improve the game, but so far its a lot of fun.


Oh Nice made by Klei I see, kinda dwarf fortress management type thing

Funny you should mention this game. As it turns out, a LOT of us have it :slight_smile:


A few colonies, people died and so many things went wrong :smiley:

Looks and sounds like a cool game. Still my rule on early access games stands. Not getting it for now.

I almost grabbed it but had to divert those funds towards an extra secret santa gift since there is still one person who didn’t get anything yet.

ja my current colony doesnt have a lot of food…so now ppl are stress vomiting everywhere and breaking sh!t

So played a bit of this game last night. It took me only 10 minutes to completely kill off my first colony. Boy, they don’t give you any info whatsoever. So I finally figured out how to get water in the colony, built a power generator, and then everyone died when I accidentally sent them to their doom without any oxygen. Take 2 at least took more than 10 minutes. Take 3 was a bit more successful, however. Noone had died yet, but they are really stressed and peeing all over the damn place. Still, I shall not consult the wiki, I shall figure this out by trial and many deaths.

Also, this game is essentially Rimworld with a different art style. Like its VERY similar to Rimworld, down to the mechanics and everything…


Dont know Rimworld, its similar to Dont starve as well, just much more death inclinded. aka I survived longer in dont starve.

Last night I managed to get to day 8 - struggling to get the mats I need - my world is kak, and I need my guys to pedal to get energy. Also water was an issue at least figured that out. Hammer Ask Wensie - she has nice tips - without giving anything away just basics that makes sense once she tells you them

Rimworld is EXACTLY like Oxygen Not Included, or very similar to it. If you like this game, you probably will like Rimworld as well.

I’ll definitely take any tips I can get. At the moment the poor souls that gets stranded with me is effectively doomed to start with.

lol okay glad I have not had those kind of desasters.

hahahaha toemaar my eerste 3 worlds het 2 tot 3 dae gehou.

Blykbaar maak seker om nie iemand te vat wat destructive is as hy stress nie

kies 'n jack of all trades, chef en researcher vir jou eerste dupes

Ek bou toilets en mure eerste en dan energy en oxygen scrubbers en dan kos en water
en dan beddens - so ver is ek opodag 8 - maar hulle sukkel met oxygen

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Shame hammer it sucks that your dupes died so quickly.

some of the things i found that helps a lot:

  1. Pick you first 3 dupes very carefully. (pick someone who can cook, someone who can do research and then a nit of a jack of all trades as Wyv mentioned)(also make sure to untick the specialised job form the dupes you dont want to do a certain function. ie. only let the dupe that can cook cook)
  2. built 2 toilets first
  3. built research centre and start researching
  4. dont let the dupes eat raw mealice (untick it under consumption)they diarrhea
    5.build algae mounds at the bottom where you have lots of carbondioxide(as its heavier than other gasses)(it will little by little consume the carbon dioxide) but they use quite a bit of water and need light

this should get you in a reasonably good position. also like Wyv said try not to pick dupes that have destructive tendancies as they break your stuff when their upset.


Great stuff, thanks for the tips. I’ll try and keep the poor dupes alive for a bit longer than I have up to this point. I tried to not read any wikis or anything on the net, and it’s just not possible to play the game properly without reading up a bit.

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Met dai tips het he tot day 8 gekom sal kyk hoe ver kom ek more

ja hey its quite difficult. i am at day 75 now but i dont know if i will make it to day 80…

there is a lot of videos on youtube but if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the science part of the game go look at a guy called BROTHAR. he has some interesting builds that he has done (which i have not gotten to as i struggle with water and oxygen a lot.

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Ek vat a breek van die game in die week (ek kani slaap nie want ek le heeltyd en dink oor die dom game, en ek droom oor die dom game) ek dink ek het a probleem…

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dit het met my gebeur in Starbound dis why ek dai moes stop ;D dis 'n goeie idee om n breek te vat ek try om dit elke tweede aand te speel

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Hahah jip ek wag nou vir die update want dis terrible om the le en dink wat kan ek beter doen.

I just got this game yesterday. Will give it a bit of a go tonight.