We just made magic happen

Just a shout out to the awesome peeps I met through this (and the old) community.

I was watching random YouTube videos at home and came across a game called Oxygen not included. I said in our little gaming chat that this shit looks awesome. I want it. Next thing I know @Hiro buys it for me. I think jeez, that’s awesome. Lets pay it forward. I know @MalicE wants it, so I gift it to him. Also not wanting to be caught with bad juju, he gifts it to @Solitude. Soli buys it for Philip( I don’t know if you are on here or what your nickname is if you are so forgive me), Philip sends it on to @DieGrootHammer and then hammer finished it off and gifted it to @Hiro. This the circle of games was complete.

I still dont know what happened but goddamn was it awesome. Well done gents.

Honorable mention to @Tom who was too drunk to cared and almost fucked it all up.


Hehe. That was spontaneous and goddamn awesome! Almost went sideways at the end thanks to “Two-Game Tom”. but fortunately, sanity prevailed and the circle of awesome was completed :sunglasses:

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And I almost missed it…I just randomly looked at the bunch of new messages and saw my name being mentioned. Stuff happened quickly and spontaneously. It was glorious.

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Also a shoutout to @Solitude for coming up with Superhero Day!

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I still don’t know what it is, but I like it

If you look back far enough in the chat history you will find the origins of it :slight_smile:

Ain’t nobody got time for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was used as a way for @Hiro to justify buying a switch. We told him to tell his kids it’s early Christmas. But they don’t celebrate Christmas. Thus @Solitude invented superhero day.

that… is… GENIUS!

Solitude’s ego is big enough, don’t stroke it too much now :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I can’t wait for the next Superhero day!! Does it only happen once a year?

yes it is set to 4 December now

It was great of you guys!

Haha :joy:

Yes. Mark it in you calendars. 4th of December is SUPERHERO DAY!!!

Cant wait to see in 20 years how much money this will make us.

Wow great stuff guys. :handshake:

Its like that story of the guy at Mcdonalds who bought an icecream for the guy behind him and then that guy repeated it and so on, it went on like that for 8 hrs.

Sorry @Blazzok. Now i know.

and mcdonalds smiles all the way…hehe

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Remember, remember, the 4th of December!

Gee thanks. I feel so wanted.