Oxygen Not Included




My start on the same seed. 20171119 - for those who want to play along.


Awesome. Will give it a go when i get a chance. I love this game so much. I have also found now that this is my Sunday game. I put on some shows i need to catchup on and watch my dupes trying to survive.


Screw it. I’ll also start on that seed then. 20171119 it is!


Dammit I am gonna restart it and copy crusaders build - I either almost drowned or gave my eejits hypothermia


I also had water problems when the oxylite expired just below the portal.


Yea that was the start of my nightmare


ooooooooo will give this a go over the weekend have a staff function tm and then work afterwards :frowning:


Gonna start my seed now


I’m not going to start now. Trying to make it the next Game Club game.


but you need to put in the practice. this seed is fucking hard.


Oh noes! There’s so many games! I’ll see if I can give it a try a bit later.


That seed is insane. I think I don’t know enough of the game to make it but we will see.


Remember to post screenies.


This seed is not so bad… Managed to get to cycle 92, my biggest problem at the moment is power… I am running out of coal at an alarming rate and figuring out how to get my natural gas generator not to break the whole is driving me insane.


started today, I’m worried about temps, last time I had a great seed temps started running away


Here is me so far.


Wow you guys are really good at this. I started on that seed last night but only played a short bit. Will post a pic tonight.

I must say that @wenzdayz used all kinds of stuff that I’ve never seen before. It’s very interesting.


How are you not dying from slime infections ?


block off the slime lung places with manual door locks and then put those “humidifier”(not the right word) things outside the door and inside the door and then put a wash basin inside and make the dupes wash their hands everytime they come back through the door. It all about hygiene
image <-- this clears germs from the air. what you should do is let this thing run for a bit in those areas where the germs are and it will clean it up before you go mine the slime)