Oxygen Not Included



I had a guys immunity go down to 0. I’ve got some slimelung in the base but like Wenz says Deoderisers and wash basins is all I’ve been doing now. I’ve got a deoderiser on every level in that last screenshot of where I was mining the slime. Will post a screenshot of my infection overlay.


also something i learned from watching other ppl play the game is you can use a watersieve to clean up dirty water and link it directly to your bathrooms and showers. you will also never run out of dirty water and you will actually gain more water than what is used.


Also I had to go for the slime because I ran out of algae.


image Have you used this yet? soem of these chambers will upgrade your duplicants. i had one of mine upgraded and now she can hold her breath longer and not take as much health damage.


Not yet, but I found one its just there on the bottom of my third screenshot.


ja thats where i got it from :smiley:


Germ overlay as promised.

Cool, gonna try it.


more screenies from my game:


Here’s what I’ve got so far.


looking good, but try and plant mealwood(they use less water and oxygen than the bristle blossom and they dont need light to grow)that way you will have plenty of food very quickly. also switch your duplicant machine off. 6 dupes should be more than sufficient for now, also less dupes use less oxygen.


Thanks for the tips @wenzdayz!


Im gonna have to restart again I killed them all in 5 days


I accidentally stayed up until 12:30 this morning working on a mega project after saving my oxygen supply.


oh another thing also add doors to your bedrooms so you can get room bonuses and raise the dupes morale.


ja time flies by so quick when you play this game!


Thanks, I wondered why you guys were adding those weird doors.


image clicking on this will show you what you need to put in a room to get the room bonus


Thanks, will have a look!


Yeah, gotta get that moral up for those jobs.

I’ve rotated all my dupes through most of the starter jobs to boost their carry capacity, strength etc…


ja plus when you get to tier 4 jobs i think some dupes need to have mastered several tier 1 and 2 jobs before than can take on tier 4.

i have almost completely finished all my research (4 things left), but im struggeling to get plastic and i have yet to figure out how to wrangle…and i need to be able to wrangle to catch one of those animals that produce plastic