Oxygen Not Included



Part of my big project last night. Build electrolysers to produce oxygen and drain all the upper bits of water from the slime dome into one place. Oh and I finally gave my dupes plumbed toilets and sinks.



I May have tried to get a bit to fancy to early with my slime decontamination , pumped chlorine into the storage room for it and they also need to leave via that room, does kill germs at an insanely fast rate though


I haven’t tried using chlorine yet.


All my dupes died around cycle 200. I overheated the base and food stopped growing.


oh no that sucks, i havent played again. i need to play again but i feel like i need a bit of a crash course into using geysers etc.


I played a bit more. Learning things as I go along. Almost want to start over because I made so many mistakes as I’m learning. But I’ll continue for now. Will post a pic tonight.


I have to try again but Yea I have so much to Learn still!


This is pretty cool.


Found it on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Oxygennotincluded/comments/8vsvwr/oni_calculator/



holy shit soli. How did you manage that? 35 cycles, 70k food, everything clean and efficient? I hate you.


Haha and here I was thinking of starting over because I learned so much that I would do a lot different next time around.


I’m finally reading up a bit since things are getting complicated and well wow it does get very complicated! There’s just so much that you can do. I think I’ll continue with my existing base and learn how everything works with the intention of eventually restarting and then doing things properly.


I’m currently wasting time being OCD and making my ladders straight by building in the water. I will make everything line up!


Wow, how do you have so much water? Are you still in that same seed?


I started a new one after everyone died.


whats the seed number looks like a good one, also you might want to insulate your base especially in the corner by that vent or your temps are going to runaway real fast


There is so much heat all around this starting base. Makes me so nervous to use anything that generates heat after my last colony failed because of heat.

The seed number is: 1628435742

A snapshot of the temperature range.


I will have to start over. I dug to close to one of my water pits and it flooded everything. Also I learned a lot! So next time will go better.


I’m considering spending my steam wallet on this game… Hmm