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Das ist super schnell!!

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2 weeks ago bergrivier/franchoek pass trip, the evening most of those roads were washed away when that storm hit, even the one bridge we took photos on on our way back was washed away


Hagerty does it again. They’re the best!

And Jason with the best hoodie:


A rotary hybrid, but the engine acts as a “range extender”.

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I love Cammisa. I’ll watch it just for him. Actually haven’t watched any of his Hagerty videos in a while, this is a reminder.

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Do you listen/watch the Carmudgeon show? It’s Jason and Derek just talking about cars. I love leaving it on in the background.

Derek’s Channel:

I think I watched 2 or 3 of them, then like most things I kinda forget about it and end up not following it again. I’m bad at YouTube lol. Quite enjoyed the bashing. Maybe I need to give one or two a listen today during my work day.

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Soema make a person gooi motions for someone you don’t know, also damn, she’s got no chill, full send.

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I need some car/car audio advice. We are considering buying a new car and the only one that looks attractive to us at our pricepoint is the Suzuki Dzire. It is a mini sedan. The thing is, the basic model comes with no radio but has speakers. Is it worth it to pay an extra R20k for a radio and a few other bling things? Would it not be cheaper just to take it in and get a radio fitted? We just need a radio to listen to ECR ;-P. I suppose these basic car radios also come with bluetooth standard?

I have asked my trusted mechanic for advice on the car make, to tell me if the after sales servicing/parts are easily available and not costly. Any advice on that?


The Suzuki’s are popular as good affordable cars. People I know who have them seem to be pretty happy with them. R20k for a radio sounds excessive though. Is it a touch screen infotainment system?


I realise that this is not the question you asked, so I will happily accept voerstek as a response, but I need to ask:

Why new?

For a similar budget, f’r instance, I went on the internet and I found: This, over here, one of these, and also this thing. This is from literally 4 mins of looking, so I’m sure there are better examples out there. These examples, though, come with better safety ratings than the DZire, and, (crucially), a radio.

A car typically lives for 12 - 14 years, these days. Most of us give up our vehicles around the 10 year mark for reliability purposes. If you drive 20 000 km’s a year, then a new car will have around 200 000 km at the 10 year mark. If you drive less, you won’t even reach that number. That means that a car with 40 000 - 50 000 on the clock won’t really differ from new, in the grand scheme of things. My spreadsheet tells me that I’ve driven around 21 000 km’s a year on average the past few years, but my head office is 150 kms away, and my clients are all at least 50 kms away - just for context.

My opinion (and it is just that, an opinion) is that you would get much better value second hand than new. That said, sometimes the reasons for getting a new car is simply “Because I wanna.”, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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The reason we want a new car is we do not want to buy other people’s problems and I am also never sure what is wrong with a car that is second hand, can it be trusted to be reliable? Our current car we bought second hand but that was from my dad, who I know is obsessive about looking after his cars. We also want to buy to drive for as long as we can. Currently our car has 345000 on the clock and going well. We want that for our next car as well.


All excellent answers!

I’ve never really bought this argument. There is a massive market of people who want to offload their cars simply because it’s going out of service plan. That’s not buying someone’s problem, that’s buying an opportunity!

This I get. Full maintenance history is non-negotiable for me, that’s the only reassurance I can have.

Preaching to the converted - my previous car was traded in on 407 500 km. I got her second hand :wink: You’ll struggle to get quite as far with the Dzire, as it has a high revving engine and power on the low side, but I see that the engine lifespan is estimated at 280 000 km, no to be sneezed at. Personally, I would do my calcs on 250 000 km. If the R/km still made sense to me compared to the second hand models, we’re in business.

I do love that it has a timing chain, though. More cars need this.


@Avatar What can I do to make sure I get the most Km out of such an engine? How should I change my driving habits after having driven a 2009 1.6 Toyota Corolla for years?

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Change gears at 3000rpm.


I always have :wink: So much so that even my youngest daughter gets angry at my oldest when she goes over that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Avatar I took your advice, looked around for demo models from dealerships. Low KM plus you know where it comes from. Found a good deal on a VW polo vivo with 5000km on the clock. I think the VW will last me longer than the Suzuki. We had a polo a while back, took it from 0-318k km before the engine packed up, rings shot.

Still working on the deal but it looks like the VW is going to get the nod from my wife. We loved our polo. At the end of its lifespan, I still remember having 2 sets of plugs. One in the boot. We would drive to DBN from PMB, stop half way and swap the plugs when it started missfiring as the plugs got flooded with oil. In DBN I would clean the plugs I took out and put them in the boot and repeat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It worked for a while.


That is great news! Polo’s are bulletproof, and there are so many options for parts support. It’s a great car to maintain cheaply.

My wife’s old Polo went to my dad, who is still using it as his daily runaround.

I love this story! That’s the sort of character some cars have. I remember my old Renault 9, that I had a specific screwdriver in my door’s kant dingetjie. It worked double duty - when the throttle sticks full open, I’d use it to unstick the throttle arm on the carburetor. When the car won’t start because of play on the key, it worked to jump the right points on the starter :smiley:

My advice from a reliability point of view:

  1. Maintenance! I’m not too concerned about the annual services, other than for a giving all the things a good inspection, but changing oil, plugs, filters, etc. after 15 000 km passed is crucial. One filter blocked makes the whole system work harder.
  2. Don’t overdrive the car when it’s cold. When she’s warmer, you can push it a bit, but listen to the car. If she’s whining from high rev’s, shift up. If she’s shuddering from low torque, shift down.
  3. No, really, maintain the car. It’s cheaper in the long run.

not a Vivo :expressionless: get a normal polo, vivo’s are built alot cheaper, less sound deadening, not galavanised, thinner sheet metal in areas, please dont get a VIVO