Predictions for gaming in 2020

Better late than never!!

The year is still but an infant, so let’s use our imaginations and make some predictions for the gaming world of 2020.

We did do a 2019 predictions thread, which you can go back and read through here.

So, lets get into some predictions:

  1. Cyberpunk is going to spark a lot of controversy from some political/social/sex/religious group. Someone is going to come out and blame the game of some bad stereotyping or something, sparking massive online debates and hateful comments spreading.

  2. Despite an upcoming Half Life VR game, the platform is going to stay nothing more but a niche peripheral used only for certain games. I really don’t think anything that 2020 has in store, even the mighty Half Life, will make VR an essential and must-have component for any normal gamer

  3. The PS5 will outsell the new Xbox Series X 2:1 at the start, sparking further furious and pointless fanboi debate online. The fact that both will launch this year will mean that the console wars will be back. I do not think there will be anything as catastrophic happen to any of the launches like the Xbox One launch, but think that the PS5 is going to ride the wave of momentum it has of the PS4 and gain that initial advantage over the Xbox Series X. However, after launch we will see sales numbers much closer to each other as the Xbox claws its way back.

  4. The Epic Games store will become less hated by everyone, as it adds more and more features to the store. People have short-term memories, and by the end of 2020, I believe people are going to not have such a strong negative feeling towards the EGS. .

  5. There are a number of games that we will not see in 2020, despite fans wanting/thinking it will be released this year. Games like The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield or any new IP from Bethesda, no Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 this year either, no Skull and Bones and no God & Monsters from Ubisoft.

Share some of your predictions here as well.


I think their biggest mistake will be not having Series X exclusives, and all their games will be playable on any of their range of Xboxes. This is great for gamers, yes, but if you do not need a series X to play the latest Halo, then why bother spending the money on a new console? The PS5 will be a must for those games not available on PS4 or Xbox.

This already happened in the sale season last year. People hated the store until their cheap games became available and we all bought something from them. Hopefully we can buy our games in a cart rather than one at a time come 2021!

I predict:

  • EA will announce, but not yet release, some killer single player games following on from Jedi Fallen Order. Sony, in the meantime, will shout “told you so!”
  • Fortnite will still be a massive game making EPIC enough money to buy half the moon. Like Valve and Steam they will never release another proper game, either.
  • The MEW CREW will not only enter and run, but also COMPLETE the 24 hours of Le Mans in iRacing, on 21 June 2020!!

Microsoft will reveal the price of Series X after Sony reveal the price of the ps5

Lockhart will be priced cheaper than the ps5, Anaconda will most likely be a $550 to $600 Console (when it launches in the US, SA pricing probably 7k for lockhart and 10 to 11k for Anaconda)

We will get a reveal for Fable either at the Xbox console reveal event or at E3

Lesser profile Sony Exclusive titles will appear on PC maybe Dreams etc.