The 2019 Prediction thread

It’s rather odd to think this year is nearly at a close. There are only 21 days left of 2018. And as the timer on the year runs out, let’s take a look at what we might be seeing in 2019. What are some of the trends that we might see, which games do you think should be on the radar for next year, what are your predictions? Share and discuss below.

I’ll start and give my few predictions for next year:

  1. Games Subscription Services to become big in 2019
    I think 2019 will be the year where we’ll start seeing game subscription services really take off and become serious value add propositions. Microsoft has already proven that Game Pass is valuable, and in 2019 they will continue focusing on even more value. By the end of 2019 I suspect Game Pass to be considered a must-have service by any gamer, and with added PC functionality as well.
    I also think we’ll see other sub services grow and become more interesting. What EA is doing seems like a good recipe. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar from Ubisoft or even Epic Games. With the launch of their new store page, I wouldn’t be surprised to see such a service

  2. Game streaming to hit the mainstream (see what I did there)
    The recent test of streaming Assassins Creed Odyssey via Chrome seemed to have worked, and I think that streaming games services will see wider launch and more titles enter the scene in 2019. With rising average internet speeds globally, and better network architecture, many companies will add that to their list of products. Microsoft again here stated they are working on this, and PlayStation has had the feature for a while now. Expect to see more robust libraries and more games added to these kinds of services

  3. Death Stranding and Last Of Us 2 will not be launched in 2019
    I highly doubt that these 2 incredibly anticipated games will be releasing next year. Sony has already stated they will not be at E3, so have no plans on showing anything at the conference. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have anything new to show. I suspect they will however show these games at their own event, an event where they will unveil the next gen console, alongside the release dates of these games on it.

  4. 2019 will be the year of new consoles reveals
    Expect both Microsoft to unveil details and launch dates of Xbox Scarlet, and Sony to reveal the PlayStation 5. Both consoles will be similarly placed as far as specs goes, aiming at 4k60 performance natively. Both will be reveals what details they will have, and both will have release dates of Christmas 2020.

Share your predictions with us


I think you’ve got it pretty spot on. Will think a bit about extra ones to add to it.

The possible rise of the Epic Store - they have a silly amount of money from the success of Fortnight to throw at establishing their own store. It’s already looking promising and the fact that they are giving away a free game every 2 weeks for the whole of 2019 is great news for us deal finders!

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I don’t expect to see the PS5 until at least 2021, MS might push Scarlet Q4 2019 or somewhere in 2020. But Scarlet seems (at least on paper) to be more of a XBox One Revision 3 than “the next XBox”


Hmm interesting. I suspect you have some “inside baseball” type knowledge of such things so it’s a very interesting predictions. 2021 almost sounds too late for the PS5, and I wonder if Scarlet isn’t the next big Xbox, what is Microsoft going to do to stay relevant when the PS5 comes out.

I based my prediction based on this below:

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Microsoft buys another studio before E3 they also release the disc less xbox one S not sure if they’ll make a disc less X model.

Sony Announces God of war Sequel which will be a ps5 exclusive, death stranding, last of us 2 and ghost of tsushima will be ps4/ps5 cross gen titles. ps now will become more like xbox game pass. Sony releases ps2 mini console.

Nintendo, upgrades the switch with a better screen and upgrades the tegra processor to a later more powerful one. there will be a dock less switch released, breath of the wild 2 gets announced. metroid prime 4 gets a gameplay trailer and release date.


Bloodborne 2 as a PS5 launch title.

A man can dream.

Does this count?

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too slow :grin:

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Quick revive to see how we did with predictions. For me:

Pretty spot on I would say.

Another pretty spot on prediction

Well, I got one right. Death Stranding did come out last year.

Boom, knocked it out the park again.