PUBG: Battlegrounds

I’m sure that by now everyone know what PUBG is. It has broken Steam records and millions of people are playing it. Both on PC and XBox One.

Personally, I’m a little late to the party, having bought the PC version this week. I got the XBox version for free end of last year. It’s a lot of fun! Surprisingly so. I’m not someone who likes multiplayer games and yet PUBG has me addicted.

We are quite a few people from here who play. On both PC and console. So if you’d like to join us, let us know. We haven’t been using the MyGaming discord channel since we joined some other guys on their channel but we can always move to the MyGaming one.

I’m thinking especially @czc who likes to partake in multiplayer co-op. Same with @Wyvern and @wenzdayz.

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I didn’t have many good things to say about PUBG before I tried it. I thought the concept to be stupid. And then I got the game on Xbox with their Xbox One X deal and instantly got hooked. It’s really a fun and addicting game. I totally get why so many people around the world play it.

The Xbox version is very obviously way behind the PC version. I was very surprised that the PC version played so well, after reading about all the issues and optimization problems people faced. My PC gets extremely hot when playing it, but that’s because my PC sucks.

Also, anyone that wants to try out the game, just get some heart medication beforehand. With each passing moment you climb up the ranks, and less and less people are left, the higher and higher your heart rate goes up.

I still have yet to taste the sweet sweet taste of the chicken dinner, but I’ve come close.

Thanks for thinking of me, but watching gameplay vids I have a feeling this isnt for me. But where are you lot chatting? I wanna sit in and listen!

I wonder if we should not just move the MyGaming channel. Or invite Wyv to the other one. What do you guys think @DieGrootHammer, @Blazzok?

If it’s going to be just us playing, then we move over to the MyGaming channel and join Wyvz.

Arma III put me off the prospect of playing PUBG for life. My friend has been trying to get me to play for months now.

Im just worried about motion sickness . . . . I really dont wanna puke

For some reason I don’t think this will be too bad for motion sickness. You can play it in either first or third person view.

The pricetag of the game is to high to take a chance and then I dont play it - plus I am still busy with GW2

Yeah and that. Steam only gives you 2 hours playtime to refund and it’s not the kind of game you’re going to get to the meat of in 2 hours.

But it’s clearly doing a lot of things right.

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Apologies for the off topicness

I think a DS3 coop run is in order.

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I’ll buy ArmA 3 if you buy PUBG :smirk:

Thou should createst a new threadest. A Dark Souls 3 official thread is in order. It is thouest duty.

I’ve only played 3 or 4 games so far, which total less than 2 hours, and I already love the game. There really is something to it which makes it intriguing. So you can always try it and refund if not for you.

Playing in a group with friends is a whole nother level of ridiculous, atleast it is with @DieGrootHammer, @Solitude and myself in a group :smile:
We weren’t serious at all last night, we just had fun; it was amazing.

I did it. Can’t upload a picture for some reason :confused:

It really is ridiculous how much your heart races as you get into the final moments of the game. The tension is insane!

I’m going to assume this is when all the twitch shooting occurs?

@DieGrootHammer see this is when you are supposed to still be here in the cape so I can try the game from your pc :frowning:

Less twitch shooting like a Quake or something, and more of a “oh shit oh shit oh shit” scare and shooting all over the place than the ground. The game isn’t really twitch shooter-y I would say. Most games I never even see anyone until that last moment before death

Ja sien dit sou baie gehelp het.

^ This is what I meant to say