Rage quit Games

FTL. One of my most played games on Steam. Only finished it once, maybe twice actually. And I only play it after having 2 drinks…to calm the nerves…

It used to be on top of my list of games I shouldn’t play without taking proper precautionary measures.

But now, thanks to @Entity, FTL is number 2 on the list.
osu! is the new number 1. I’m probably too dumb to grasp the mechanics of the game. But I swear, if I ever meet you in RL Entity, I’ll smash an acorn into your head with a putter, to the beat of Fall Away.

Am I the only one that rage quit games?


I wouldn’t say I rage, but I do sometimes get frustrated to a point where I’ll hit Alt-F4 and do something else for a while. I think currently my most rage quity game is They Are Billions

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Hmm :confused:

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I have done this way too many times on xcom 2. Missing 99% hit chance will make you rage.

Funny enough TFL does not come even close to darkest dungeon lost one of my high levels because of random bullshit. Character has 9 speed enemy has 6 speed yet I don’t go before them and for 4 rounds they attack just that one character.

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to the beat of Fall Away (from osu!) - don’t worry, I’ll fail so bad and you’ll live :rofl:

Oh I’ve rage quitted many games. Some I’ve never gotten back to since that day. Why, only in the past few months I’ve rage quit Ghost Recon Wildlands, Forza 7 and Kerbal Space Program. It was all due to mistakes I made, so I’m 100% to blame for the rage quit.

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I rage quit plenty. `every game has its hard moments. Even more so when you are tired.

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One or twice back in the day. But haven’t done so in a very long time. Controllers are expensive after all.

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Single player games, yeah sure lots! (Only after a checkpoint though), but online multiplayer, there are few things that pisses me off as much as a rage quitter !

But I will never destroy my own stuff in the process of the rage. I am a well mannered rager

My philosophy is to quit before you rage.


Most recently, Elite: Dangerous. That moment when you have 2mil in bounties racked up and then some NPC in an Eagle gets the drop on you…

I had quite a temper when I was younger. Smashed my laptop screen for some reason (really an expensive rage). Think it was due to a network issue while playing Tribal Wars and I missed an attack or defence or something.

There are some games that I had to leave behind because of the potential to be frustrating.

Definitely. I’ve never rage quit a MP game (as far as I can remember).

Not rage quit, but the game Anna, because i cant get all the endings, if you do one thing wrong the whole game is screwed…

the only game i ever rage quitted was Need for Speed the Run, it was the most shittest Rubber banded AI NFS title ever and im glad Blackbox doesnt Exist anymore !

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NFS: Most Wanted '13 is the most shittiest Rubber banded AI NFS title ever. Think that is the game I rage quit last. Never touched NFS again after that.

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I like it and it was free on origin ! i Didnt bother with any NFS title after that cause i discovered forza horizon and thats how you make an openworld racing title

Fck that game to hell.

Agree with you on Forza Horizon though.


I wanted to create a thread about rage quitting and saw that this one already exists, so let’s revive it and tell your tales of rage quit in games.

The reason for this revive is I had a bad case of Rage quitting a game last night.

I was playing iRacing. I was starting a new racing series in a car I recently bought from the in-game store. I did about 1 hour of practice and felt really comfortable with the car. The track, Silverstone, is one I know very well from other racing games, so spent most time getting to know the car.

In iRacing, all races are done on a schedule. The series I entered has 1 race every 2 hours. So for an hour I spent in practice mode before the qualifying started. In quali I managed to set my best time on the lap with the car, and ended up starting 3rd for the race. I felt good and calm about the race, as I felt I had good pace to really do well in the race.

Well, the race did go very well. I managed to have a very heated fight with the guy in second place, before a slight understeer moment from my side meant I fell back a bit. No big deal, I was still comfortably ahead of the guy in 4th place. So I settled into the race for the final 10 laps of just getting the car home.

That is when it happened. I may have lost concentration for a moment, but in turn one, I got onto the throttle too early and spun the car right into the barrier, completely trashing the damn thing and my race. And the kicker was this happened on the second to last lap. For 19 damn laps I drove a great race, only to mess it up in the final stages. I was so angry I nearly uninstalled the damn game from my PC. I just turned the PC off in a huff and stormed out of the room. I was absolutely fuming at myself. For those that have driven with me on F1 will have some indication of the flavorful language I used.

So yeah that wasn’t a great experience at all.


Ever sine I have been on wireless with some packet lost I have rage quit a few online games since well nothing like having fun only to stutter in a critical moment and die.

Can confirm. Racing games bring out the beast best in Hammer. If it was broadcast, the only words you’d hear between the near constant beeps would be “Ag nee” and “jou ma”. :joy:

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