The Official OSU! Thread

Couldn’t see an OSU! thread, so here it is! :smiley: A place we can talk OSU! and everything about it.

For anyone not knowing, Osu is a rhythm game that is free and has a global leaderboard for every song with the mapping for the songs done by the community.

What on earth did I just watch!? Is that played with a mouse!?

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Yeah. Mouse and keyboard. Mouse for movement, keyboard for clicks :grin:
They aren’t all that quick though.

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So would it be possible for us to have challenges? Like you guys have with Forza but even the consoleless amungst us could play?

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I have watched lots of videos, some just INSANE! But I struggle to get the game though

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Sounds like a plan. I will look into it.

Unless we just do screenshots when we get a good score?

Thats fine I guess.

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We can start with this one maybe?

Feint - Fall Away. Easy

Download the file and let it open with osu. It will add it automatically. Then we play :slight_smile:

My profile name is 3ntityza if you’d like to add.

I’ll post a screenshot of my score. I’m not great so ja :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, What we can do is any cool songs you play, post your scores and link to the song so we can try it.

Not full 100%, but still ok :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m going to start downloading this now.

Edit: Okay That was quick 3mb.


This thing is tough.

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I used to play this a whole lot a couple of years ago. Catch the fruit was my jam!
From what I remember, 90% of the top players (top 10 scores and competitive players) are using a stylus. Mouse movement can be really precise but a stylus adds in so much more freedom of movement.

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Yeah I’ve seen some interesting contraptions custom made to play it. Even people using power drills for the spin parts.

Pro tip how to play Osu :laughing:


I find it easier to use ‘x’ to click. That way I just move the mouse around without clicking, just using the keyboard.

I got to 16600 just now using x. I’ll try and better the score before screenshotting.

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the graphics is making my head swim :slight_smile: I will pass

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My high score is 1450. I don’t get this game :confused: