Rebel Tech Deals & Support Thread

Good day Everybody

I’m starting this thread to answer questions you might have about our products or services.

If something needs to be followed up on let me know and I’ll try to sort it out.

I will also be posting stock updates, special promotions and then just some announcements we might have.

Kind Regards
Rebel Tech


Welcome to the forum @RebelTech!

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Thank you very much :blush:


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Glad you found your way here :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping that at some point we’ll get some nice ultrawide 34" screens with a high resolution at a reasonable price. Please make it happen Rebel Tech!


Welcome sir, quick question, i believe there was a time the online store accepted payment via cards, but i can only pay via EFT, any particular reason for this?

High resolution such as 1440p or 2160p?

A lot of the monitor’s prices have dropped a bit in the last few months. But hopefully, it will drop more with the new GTX GPUs and HDMI 2.1.

But of course we will keep you informed about specials and hopefully, you can strike a deal on a high res ultra wide.

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Hey man

The problem with the card payments is the extra payment involved. You pay per swipe and then also they get a % of the paid amount.

For retail stores, its fine because their margins are so high they compensate for the extra fees. But e-tailers like us, have very low margins. So that extra % for swiping will cost us much more.

Hope this explains it.


I just want to say well done @RebelTech

I used you guys for the first time the other day to buy an Asus ROG Spatha mouse. I went online, saw there was a discount offered if paying by EFT, so ordered the mouse, made the payment, and email the POP to the email address given. I got a response on the same day saying the payment has been received, and to my utter amazement, the mouse arrived the next morning at my office.

Not to bash any competition, but i have waited 7 - 10 WORKING days for items from other online stores. I will definitely be a repeat customer, please keep up the great work!


+1. Rune will also go out of his way to help clients. Have bought my fair share of stuff there, and have also had hickups (more due to miscommunication) but in general they are def the place to go to.


@RebelTech Welcome nice to see you here.


Welcome @RebelTech you’ll find more responses here than on the old MyGaming site.


Ahh i see, just wanted to know.

Now then down to business, with payday coming up hows about a deal on 1x DDR4 16GB RAM 2133mhz, i need one to complete my new PC :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take that same deal but for 2400 notebook memory please.

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oh yes i would just like another 8gb module :wink:

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Hi everyone

Trust Gaming is new to Rebel Tech.

Get your Trust Peripherals now.

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Thank you for the message :blush:

We always try to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Usually, deliveries take between 3-5 days because of the suppliers and couriers. But if we have the stock with us it is MUCH quicker.

I hope you are enjoying the Spatha, it is one brutal looking mouse that one :yum:

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Rune does defiantly try his best to help out the clients, agree 100% with you there.

I apologise for those hickups and hope all of them was able to be sorted out. If something like that happens you can of course just let us know and we will sort it out.

Thanks. I can already see that :grin: