Rebel Tech Deals & Support Thread


@RebelTech… Ma’am… is there a 10keyless version of the CK550?


Not as of yet, hopefully they will make a version.


Looking to turn your house smart? With TP-Links Smart LED bulbs you will be one step closer to everything smart.

TP-Link TL-LB130 - R779

  • 2500K-9000K & RGB full color
  • 11W

TP-Link TL-LB120 Kasa - R509

  • 2700K—6500K
  • 11W

TP-Link TL-LB110 - R469

  • 2700K 7SDCM
  • 11W


@RebelTech any news on B450 boards yet or is there an disclosure embargo around it.


We can’t talk about it, but some of them are already on the manufacturer’s websites.


:ok_hand: cool will wait for news to drop


Hey all, we have a bunch of new budget gear from Redragon available on the site.

Redragon HARPE RGB: R 359

Redragon YAKSA: R 479

REDRAGON 4-IN-1 RGB Combo: R 689

Redragon KUMARA RGB: R 759

Redragon MITRA RGB: R 849

Redragon KALA RGB: R 889

Redragon 4-IN-1 Mechanical Combo: R 1,019

Redragon ARYAMAN RGB: R 1,059

Redragon NOTHOSAUR: R 159

Redragon 2-IN-1 Wireless Combo: R 239

Redragon NEMEANLION 2: R 239

Redragon GRIFFIN: R 249

Redragon DAGGER: R 409

Redragon SATURN Gamepad: R 249

Redragon HARROW Wireless Gamepad: R 399

Redragon JUPITER BlueTooth Gamepad: R 889

Redragon MEMECOLEUS: R 329

Redragon BIO LED: R 489

Redragon LADON: R 899

Redragon TRITON ANC: R 1,049

Redragon 104 Crystal Key Caps: R 89

Redragon Wrist Rest: R 129


Hey all, we have some new Antec cases available.

Antec P6: R 729

  • Compact and Tempered Glass with White LED Logo
  • Space Efficient Interior
  • Direct Airflow Cooling System
  • Dust Filtrations

Antec P7 WINDOW Green & Red: R 769

  • Front panel can be disassembled
  • Space efficient interior
  • Variety of cooling options
  • Dust filtrations

Antec P7 SILENT: R 819

  • Front panel can be disassembled
  • Space efficient interior
  • Variety of cooling options
  • Side panels feature sound dampening material to block noise.

Antec Dark Fleet DF500 RGB: R 929

  • RGB Fans with built-in modes and motherboard sync
  • Dark tinted front panel and tempered glass side panel
  • 4mm darkened tempered glass window and dark tinted transparent front panel

Antec P110 SILENT: R 1,219

  • Two-part magnetic top panel cover for cooling or sound dampening flexibility
  • Adjustable cable management bar
  • Variety of cooling options
  • Side panels feature double-layered sound dampening material to block noise.


Hey all, we have Corsair’s 2 most stunning cases available on the site. The 500D SE and then the beastly 1000D which will defiantly fit on your desk.

Corsair Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE Premium - R 3,950

  • Premium tempered glass and aluminum construction

  • Three LL120 RGB fans

  • Integrated CORSAIR Commander PRO

  • Cooling made easy with removable front and top fan trays

  • Future-proof front panel with USB 3.1 Type-C


Corsair Obsidian 1000D - R 7,049

(The Big Beast)

  • Premium tempered glass and aluminum construction

  • Integrated CORSAIR Commander PRO fan and lighting controller

  • Dual System Design

  • Future-proof RGB front panel with 2x USB 3.1 Type-C

  • Up to 18 fan mounts


Hey all, we got the ACER V6 currently on promotion with R500 off

Acer V6



Vertical Alignment (VA)

5ms Response Time

100,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio


1x DVI

1x D-sub

3 Years Warranty

R 2,949


Hey all, currently we are running a promotion on all Redragon products through the month of August where you can stand a chance to win an Arayaman RGB and Memealion Chroma combo. All you need to do is purchase any Redragon product and you are entered to win.


@RebelTech so whats this new Brand I see is coming to you guys ?



It is supposed to be really hard :slight_smile:

First clue attached. There are three hints but I highlighted the first (it is their logo)

Clue 2 will be released on Monday.
Clue 3 will be released on Wednesday.

Kind regards


I had guessed it right. They are renowned for their keyboards.


I’ve never heard of them. I have been looking for the logo all morning, then happened to hear the name mentioned on Linus Tech Tips and figured that must be it, and it was.


Hey all, just some new Logitech Peripherals available on the site.

Logitech G403 Wireless - R1,799

  • Range 10m

  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless

  • PixArt PMW3366 Optical Sensor

  • Up To 12000 DPI

Logitech M330 Silent Plus - R439

  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless

  • Range 10m

  • 1000 DPI

Logitech M220 Silent, Blue, Red & Grey - R299

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote - Gold R1,959 / Slate R1,689

  • Wireless / BlueTooth

  • Up To 30m Range

  • Gyroscope Sensors

  • Motion Sensor Technology

  • 3 Month Battery Life


Some of the new AMD B450 motherboards are now available.

MSI B450M PRO-M2 - R 1,399


MSI B450 MORTAR - R 1,849

MSI B450-A PRO - R 1,949

MSI B450 GAMING PLUS - R 2,029

MSI B450 TOMAHAWK - R 2,199




Hey all, we are now selling Ducky keyboards. Get ours now.


Is it just me or do the images not work? @RebelTech


Same here. Clicking on the link takes you to a page on Rebeltech that says the website does not allow hotlinking.