Red Dead Redemption 2



Really excited to play this now. So far it looks really good and the story is going to be awesome.


Shit that trailer was amazing!! This game looks like it plans on being one of the best looking games this generation. I am fully on board the hype train!


I don’t normally buy new games but wowee Red Dead Redemption may be the exception.


the first RDR still holds the mantle of my favourite game.

This looks like it will surpass the original in all aspects, I worry though that the player character won’t
live up to the legend that is John Marston though.
John (& Joel from the Last of Us) are the pinnacle of character design.


GTA 5 Online chaos in the Wild West?


Just Rockstar/2K printing yet more money for themselves


This makes me so excited for this game.


Is this gonna be worth a pre-order?


It will be for me, so far RS has never dissapointed :smile:



R* wants to sell that tasty triple dip, which they sold everyone with GTA V.


Im surprised they haven’t gone for the quadriple dip of releasing GTAV on the Switch


There’s no way they wouldn’t release it on PC (at some stage at least) since GTAV is in the Top 10 Sellers list on Steam almost perpetually.



Also relevant: Horses will poop and you can braid their hair. I can’t wait for Equestrian Simulator 2018!


It’s so big! (Obligatory “That’s what she said!”)


It’s so big …(That’s what she said)


They showed some gameplay snippets


RDR2’s campaign is around 60-hours long, which should be more than enough content to appease most fans while they wait for Read Dead Online to go live.

That IGN post is based on information taken from one of the best pieces of gaming news writing I’ve read in a long time. Primarily focused on Dan Houser (Rockstar’s co-founder and lead writer) and the development of Red Dead 2, it really is a worthwhile, if long, read.


Pre ordered the game today. Hope it lives up to all the hype and the legacy of the first one.


I’ll probably pre-order by the end of this week. Can’t wait to just get lost in the world and discover new and exiting things.