Red Dead Redemption 2



Official Launch Trailer:




Yip, was almost a given it would review ridonkulously high out the gate. I’m sorely tempted to go the Xbox route. Who knows when it’ll get to PC.



I’ll have to put in the hours tomorrow after work. Saturday i have to attend a braai and Sunday is my wedding anniversary… Wonder if the misses is expecting company for the whole day :thinking:


A second console and co-op play = the wedding anniversary gift that keeps on giving


Thanks for this. Soothes my itchy wallet fingers. My original XB1 is not going to do the game justice if the “Xbox One S - quantifiably the lowest quality experience - delivers just 864p. Xbox One S looks blurry and grainy”.

Decidedly not in the market for a new console and a 4K monitor/tv to go with it. Guess I’m gonna play the waiting game.


Useful Reddit thread collating links to all the RDR2 reviews:


Mrs & Miss Redd surprised me with an early Christmas gift:

I don’t have the heart to tell them I decided yesterday not to get it. :neutral_face: Going to hook the console up to my desktop monitor - better quality than the old TV - and play the heck out of it to thank them. :grinning:


Just got delivery of my copy! The work day can now end.


Lucky. Still waiting on mine


I’ll be patiently waiting for my copy on PC, the delivery guys said it might take a while though…


even though this is one of the few games that takes full advantage of the one X hardware i’ll be patiently waiting for it to go on sale, hell i havent even finished rdr yet


Seems people who have ordered from Takealot are having delivery issues. Apparently Takealot are having internal issues and orders are being shipped from the incorrect warehouses. i.e. I live in CPT and my order is being shipped from JHB and visa versa…

of course!


I know that @Tom is affected. I feel very bad for everyone who were waiting to play the game just to be let down by Takealot.


Yea it sucks! I’m still waiting patiently at the office… But i’m sure i’m wasting my time


I’d be rather upset.


Im fucking livid… Whats the point of a god damn pre order…

Im not signing for the delivery when it arrives on Monday… They can take it and shove it… Last time i preorder a physical game… I should have learnt by now…


Agreed. I would of downloaded it but unfortunately i don’t have uncapped at home and i can’t download 100GB so i thought buying the physical copy is the next best thing


I just keep reading good things about this game… Luckily my birthday is coming up at the beginning of December, so I’m hoping someone catches the hint and bestows it upon me.