Red Dead Redemption 2



This game is insane with the amount of small things happening in towns or in the middle of nowhere. I can see why it took them this long to make the game


So I caved and bought the game. Download completed last night, and I’ll start my epic western journey tonight


It had a very slow start for me, but I’m getting into now. It is a very well polished game that feels quite alive.

Also pleasantly surprised by one of the npc voice actors


Managed to play enough to get through the prologue chapters. Stopped when I got to the gangs first proper camp because the weather in Joziburg was too good to be indoors all weekend.

Still a heck of a lot to figure out and learn to do properly - think I got 1 of about 7 of the chapters’ objectives completed successfully. The controls are taking a bit of getting used to I must say. WASD and Mouse clicking too ingrained in my mind. I found myself constantly having to refer back to the controller layout screen. Landed up PDFing the screens into a printable version that I can keep in front of me and on the 2nd screen at the same time.

If you want them too (optimised are good for printing, high res for screen):

Made them by inverting screenshots taken from the manual in the companion app, which is worthwhile getting as well so that you can track your location and objectives without having to switch to the Pause menu in-game all the time. (PSA: Search your app store for “RDR2” not the full game name.)

(And screw you Discourse, you’re not my Mom!!)


Sweet thanks, I’ll use those Xbox controls cheetsheet then


I think I have spent around 15 hours in the game by now. Around 25% completion.

This game is on another level. I hear quite a few complaints about it being too realistic or that some of the things you need to do are tedious. But I am absolutely loving it.

Cannot wait to play further tonight.


any plans to write a review for the front page ?


Hmmm, interesting notion. I think I might do that, but first need to put in a lot more hours into the game. Which will absolutely not be an issue.


Did it ever arrive @Tom? Takealot?


O they arrived alright… Twice now… Both times to COLLECT THE FUCKING GAME I CANCELLED THAT THEY NEVER DELIVERED :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Ahhh crap. Sorry to hear that mate. Dumb asses the lot of them!


But i bought the game on the PSN over the weekend, So iv been playing :wink:

@Solitude hooked me up with a great pass into the N Zone via eBucks :grin:


So it turns out there’s a glitch that earns your tons of money in game. Personally i feel the game provides enough money as reward for missions and side quests. I just don’t understand how people find out these things and are willing to sit there “farming” money.


i finally made a plan to download this bad boy. Should be able to start tomorrow morning.


Some beta news


This could be fake, but it’s probably real.

Edit: it has been removed, but for anyone curious, it was a video of Red Dead Redemption 2 with the user using the mouse in the menu and going to a settings screen to change the resolution to something very high.

Edit 2: Re-uploaded by someone else:


So I finally finished the game yesterday.

For such a highly rated game, I was a bit surprised to notice that only 20% of players have completed the game (as per the PS4 trophy stats).


@Hiro complained to the whole world about how realistic and boring the game is. So maybe everyone listened to him and didnt play.


Not surprised, as the game d-r-a-g-s on interminably. I actually didn’t even bother with the TWO epilogues. At the (unsatisfactory) end of Chapter 5, I called it a day


Thats certainly true for the epilogues. Didn’t expect them to take as long as they did.