Red Dead Redemption 2



It’s huge! I played so much last week but I’m only in chapter 4. I’ll probably only finish it in March. Absolutely loving the game though.


I’ve seen a few people saying Red Dead Redemption 2 is boring. For me it’s the complete opposite. I’m loving it so much. The little stories, everything you find on the road. Just how alive everything is.

RDR2 gives me the same satisfaction that Elite Dangerous does. I can just start playing and it relaxes me like few other games can. I get lost in the world.

The last two weekends I played quite a bit and didn’t even touch the main missions. There’s just so much to do.


you need to play zelda.


It’s interesting how people experience the same thing differently. The feeling you describe here is what I’ve been getting from AC Odyssey for the most part. With RDR2 I don’t get that. I find is so tedious and drawn out, I didn’t even bother finishing it. I can’t even recall until which chapter I’ve played it and I don’t see myself returning to it anytime soon. I love the first RDR and have always enjoyed Rockstar games but to me RDR2 is not fun to play and it feels like a chore. If a game is not enjoyable/fun then I don’t feel like wasting time on it anymore.

Also like @Talentloos said. You have to play Zelda, Breath of the Wild specifically, which I’m sure is what he meant.


According to court papers that were obtained by The Blast, Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations sent a cease-and-desist letter to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, accusing the developers of making use of the agency’s name with the permission.

In the letter dated December 13, 2018, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations (now a subsidiary of security firm Securitas AB) asserts that the use of their trademark has established a false connection to the Red Dead franchise, despite the fact that their name was used without proper authorization, and it has resulted in damage to their reputation.


I still haven’t finished the game but I’ve spent a lot of ours in it. So far it may just be the best game I’ve ever played. Just loving it to bits.


Better than Mass Effect 1/2/3 or Dark Souls 3?


It’s a difficult one since they are all excellent games. But yes, if I have to pick a best game of all time now then I’d pick Red Dead Redemption 2.