Respawn Entertainment surprises the world with new Battle Royale game


In the dead of night, the developers of the highly acclaimed Titanfall series, Respawn Entertainment, released a brand-new Battle Royale game, Apex Legends.

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Definitely on board.


Saw that on a stream I watched last night, and was also a little put off by it. I mean, I don’t really mind playing in a trio with randoms, but I always feel bad for them because I have zero competitive leet gamer tacticool skillz, and I’m just generally bad at these sort of games. I mean, if I was a vaguely competent FPS player I wouldn’t want to be grouped with me :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely be trying this out. I’ve just started playing Titanfall 2 and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a pity that this doesn’t have the jetpacks and Titans but the gunplay should be great based off of TF2.

Fear not @GregRedd I’m sure there will be a few of us on the forum giving this a go so maybe we can all team up sometime.


A lot of people tried it right out the gate…


Don’t think they’ll ever add titans but i don’t see anything wrong with a new legend character that has wall running abilities, etc.


I’d be content with that, the wall running and jumping is one of my favourites parts of Titanfall.



Add me please, I need a team who can carry my noob bottom.

Origin - jacosmitza


Titanfall 3… :frowning_face:


So, my intention was to play a few rounds and see what’s what of Apex Legends. I ended up spending way too many hours playing this game. It really has a great spin on the normal BR mode, and makes for some epic gaming moments.

The ping system is revolutionary. Now even if your random team mates do not have mics to chat, you are more than capable enough to coordinate and share information together. It is just a simple point and click.

The respawn mechanic saved me and my team a few times during the games I played. When you’re downed, a team member can pick up your banner and take it to a respawn location, where you come back into the game. The catch is that you start off with no loot and no weapons. This just adds something to the game that is better than a normal BR game

The game is also much faster, and feels and plays like what a well designed FPS game from a AAA studio should feel like. In my play time last night, I never got any technical issues at all, not even a disconnect

The map is okay. There is a lot of variance in the regions and buildings, and offers a lot of verticality, but I wasn’t too impressed by the entire map.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order… :grinning:


Let’s hope. Comes out this year right?


Last I heard. “Releasing in 2019”. Wouldn’t surprise me if it gets delayed though - the success of Apex Legends might pull some of their team across to work on content updates for that maybe.


Wouldnt surprise me if it gets canecelled to be honest… Fuck EA AMIRITE!!! :grinning:

I downloaded Apex last night, will be on tonight :wink: @DieGrootHammer did u get it on PC as well?


Haven’t downloaded it yet for PC, but I’m definitely going to do that. While playing on Xbox is fun, I want to play it with more people, and all you bastards are playing on PC.


I know, very frustrating. Goddamned PC Mustard Race elitists