Rugby World Cup 2023

Two days and a few dollars late, but none-the-less… let’s get a little RWC banter going before the Springboks play their first match in defence of the title…

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The official RWC23 website is pretty decent on both mobile and desktop, and the live scores and match updates are useful if you’re on the move.

Official apps are also available for both iOs and Android devices:

And if all else fails, there’s always good old Google to keep track of the matches, news, and table throughout the tournament: Google Rugby World Cup 2023

DSTV is the official South African broadcaster for the World Cup, so that’ll be the first place to look if you’re wanting to watch all the matches live. Alternatively, a late agreement made with the SABC should have all of South Africa’s matches and the final broadcast for free on the SABC channels.

“A total of 16 matches may be broadcast by the SABC, including the opening ceremony and opening match, all matches that the Springboks participate in, two quarter-final matches, one semi-final, the bronze final, the final and the closing ceremony."
SABC in last-minute Rugby World Cup deal with MultiChoice - TechCentral

As an alternative, you can try using the newly launched official, and free, RugbyPassTV streaming service. Unfortunately, as DSTV hold the regional broadcast and streaming rights in South Africa, doing so is technically illegal. Streaming the Rugby World Cup without DStv in South Africa is illegal. And the killjoys at Multichoice are already making an effort to further alienate the public already irritated with them: MultiChoice is hunting down illegal Rugby World Cup streaming sites.

If you do want to give a try anyway, and have a VPN ready to go, connect to one of the listed countries and then head to (I tried using SurfShark, but either didn’t do it correctly, or it doesn’t work.)

You can enjoy live and free access to all Rugby World Cup games on RugbyPass TV if you’re located in the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Malta, Mongolia, Myanmar, Slovakia, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Vietnam.

And, just for fun, get your vote in for the country you think will win this year:

Who Will Win RWC23?
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Scotland
  • Argentina
  • Fiji
  • England
  • Australia
  • Wales
  • Georgia
  • Samoa
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Tonga
  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • Romania
  • Namibia
  • Chile

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We’ll keep the poll open until just before the first Quarter Final match on 14 October, so feel free to chop and change your vote as the teams show their form.


Even though I went with the patriotic vote, the current state of the match makes me wonder. They’re either doing exceptionally well or bad.


A much better second half for the Boks. But a shaky start like that against the Irish in a couple of weeks time could be very different.


Only saw 15 mins before loadshedding kicked in.


What a game that Fiji v Wales


Missed it. :slightly_frowning_face: Will have to find the highlights.

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…and the number of missed penalty kicks! Could really make the difference between a win or loss.


Surfshark + South Korea = success! #IYKYK


Did you have to create an account to watch live? Any issues with addresses, or is just selecting South Korea as your country enough?

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I created a account with all my normal details, normal Gmail address etc.

Then I used Surfshark to VPN to South Korea (Greece had too many bufferings).

Then I waited about 5 mins, made sure the RugbyPass app was closed, and force closed, and then launched it and watched RSA v SCO and it was perfect.

SIDENOTE: I ran it all from my Nvidia Shield Android TV box.


Some very interesting facts about where the players were born and trained.


This was always going to come back to haunt the Boks, wasn’t it? 11 points left on the table to the Irish. Pollard better have packed his kicking boot…

Agreed. At least it was a very entertaining match to watch!

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The final eight:


Going to be some great games!

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The Bok team for Sunday’s Quarter Final against the hosts:

Springbok coach Jacques Nienaber named an experienced team – including 15 players who featured in the 2019 final – for their Rugby World Cup quarter-final against France at the Stade de France in Paris on Sunday evening.

  • This is just the second time France and South Africa have met at the Rugby World Cup. The previous meeting was in 1995 when the Springboks edged the semifinal 19-15 in a Durban downpour.
  • France (10 times) and South Africa (eight times) are two of just three teams to have reached the quarter-finals in each edition of the Rugby World Cup that they have participated in (also New Zealand, 10).
  • The total Test caps for the Springbok starting line-up is 880.
  • There are 257 caps in the backline, with 623 caps among the forwards. On the bench there are a further 359 caps.

Well, what a nail biting game!


Nerves were shot.

What a game! Not the best performances, but it sure was exciting! It feels like we normally come out worse in these close games, but I sure am happy that we pulled through! Sorry for the hosts, but they played really well!

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Yeah, France played very well! I really thought we were going to be out but we seemed to clutch it somehow.

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