SARS E-Filing

It is that time of year again. Who has done their taxes yet? Please remember they opened the tax season early but it is also closing earlier.


The 2018 Tax Season for Individuals is open on 1 July 2018 for eFilers and our branches are open to assist you from 2 July 2018.

What are the deadlines?
The deadline for non-provisional taxpayers has been brought forward to allow more time for finalising audits before the year ends:

Manual – post or at SARS branch 21 September 2018 Non-provisional and provisional
eFiling or electronic filing at SARS branch 31 October 2018 Non-provisional
eFiling​ ​31 January 2019 ​Provisional

Most of us are non-provisional taxpayers, therefore, please make sure you submit before 31 October 2018.

I am planning on doing mine next week, I’m just waiting to hear from our accountants who made a mess of my IRP5 = they gave the wrong bank details for the 2nd year in a row and I am not 100% how to fix it.

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Wow, I see that for the first time (for me anyways) all medical aid contributions and RA contributions are listed in the form already.


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Yep they added that this year - its awesome, I just need to submit my one claim since the medical aid didnt pay the full amount

Oh really? That’s brilliant, means I can submit almost immediately.

I’m still waiting for all my documents from my RA, investments and stuff. I’ll probably do it around the end of the month.
I’m convinced that they subtracted more tax from me than they should’ve - my tax deductions just randomly increased for a couple of months last year - so I’m hoping to get that back.
I always make use of - still don’t trust myself to do it alone

I’ll do mine and my wife’s efiling this week. Hopefully we still get some rebates for medical expenses.

I’ll hopefully do mine this coming weekend. Hoping for some good moneys back! Yippee! Hopefully I won’t get audited again.

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That is what I am hoping, and that I dont have to fight with them again about stupid things

Thanks for the reminder. I don’t even know if I have all my IT3 things.

I bet they got posted. :expressionless:

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Done and paid out on the 3rd, money already gone :sob::grinning:


Done and dusted on the first… Now I’m just waiting for them to finish the audit / verification. Hope there aren’t issues again like the last two years.

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Efiles submitted and money due our way :grin:

I’ll wait until October until I pay SARS extra money.

Wow the prepopulated medical aid and RA details made doing this so much easier.

Hard part is waiting for my money

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Who wants to do mine?

I completely forgot. Gonna do mine today


Done, waiting for the money so I can finally buy a nice keyboard and this game!

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mine is a mess. they only loaded 1 IRP5 and I didn’t keep a travel logbook for may allowance claim :frowning:

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Got to figure out how to pay less tax.

Did mine owed them money, double checked and my IRP5 was wrong has the outsourced guys who do our payroll fixed it and now i’m square with SARS. oh the joys