Sea of Thieves

Rare and Microsoft's hotly anticipated game is releasing today. The game promises epic adventures for you and your pirate friends in a beautiful world.

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And it is insanely expensive ;-(. It is also a co-op game which means waiting for a few years for it to be on special will mean it is a ghost town.

Pass for me.


It costs $60 in the states. That is about R300 cheaper, wonder who walks away with that R280.

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The FPB and MyANC

Remember WoW is also a multiplayer online game, overwatch an online shooter, and destiny and those games still have 100’s of thousands of people playing, years later

Mmm, will get it through the xbox game pass, will try it out for free for 2 weeks. If I like, will keep playing it and pay R160 a month. I doubt I will play longer than 3 months.

This article has put me off the game:

I don’t normally like multiplayer games (though this has been changing since PUBG) and the article reminds me why. Because people are assholes.

I have been reading and it seems the game lacks content some say after 5 hours they pretty much have seen it all and then the grind comes doing the same thing and not getting anything really worth mentioning.

Played with my brother last night, and it is damn fun!
Difficult with a small ship with a crew of 2 vs a huge ship and a crew of 6.

Got raided when we got to a port to return goods for a quest.

I enjoyed the game thoroughly

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I’m actually surprised you got to play at all. The launch has been such a disaster with server and connection issues.

Did not have a single issue yesterday O_o

Yes, I fall firmly into that category of people who did not see what the game was really about: free for all PVP.

There is no skill progression, no character progression and no story.

Not playing this until they have protected PVE areas and some kind of progression.

I think it is only fun with a crew. Sailing and looting other peoples ships. Playing solo it is terrible.

There is progression with factions and so on that allow you to enter certain taverns and so on from what I have seen so far

My Brother and I got into a rhythm doing Voyages yesterday. Building Rep nicely. When a huge ship with 6 crew decided to try and raid us. We had an epic battle which lasted almost 10 minutes. We were destroying them, until we ran out of cannon balls.
I had to leave the deck to go down and help fix a few holes, when our ship then sailed into a large rock… sinking it.
But hell it was a fun battle though. Killed 2 of their crew in the process and their ship was so close to sinking

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Does anyone here still play this? The latest update seems like it can actually be lots of fun with friends.


I played a bit of SoT a while ago with my brother in law. Was fun but he moved on to different games, and I didn’t want to get paired up with rando’s on the internet. SoT does look like they’ve added a bunch of content to the game which is cool.

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So i got the xbox game pass and decided to give SoT a go… I’ve played the game before and obviously 30 min into the game i get attacked by a kraken… LOL


So i know that you’re supposed to be a pirate and hunt for treasure and all those other piratey type things but for the most part I’ve just been enjoying the view

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The Seabound Soul Update is out today:



Not too long to go now for pirates-in-waiting over on Steam:

When it launches on Steam with a price tag of $39.99 USD/£34.99 GBP/€39.99 EUR…

:astonished: That’s R700-R800 if no regional pricing for us, depending on the exchange rate. Better to spend that money on a couple of months worth of Xbox Game Pass and get it (and many other games) that way instead!

There is a cool new teaser trailer to go with today’s news though…


And there it is:

And pretty decently priced for local wannabe pirates… aarrrr!!