Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew - Tactical Pirate Action

Shadow Gambit is the latest game from Mimimi. The people behind Shadow Tactics and Desperados III

Shadow Gambit looks to continue advancing the real-time-tactics genre which they helped revive. This time with a Pirate themed game.

It unlocks today at 18:00 and is reviewing well.

I’m very keen and cannot recommend Desperados and Shadow Tactics highly enough. They are hugely discounted on Steam right now.

This is a busy year for gaming and this looks to be another strong title.


The fact that we cracked a mention on their Global Release Times map already puts them streets ahead of many, many others!


There is a very generous demo of the game on Steam that I had a blast playing, looking forward to playing the full game eventually. Desperados III is one of my favourite games and I often find myself thinking about it, and this seems to capture the same magic and advance it.


Studio is shutting down due to personal reasons amongst team members.


Good for them, prioritising family and well-being will never not be a positive in my book. And to go out on a high with a solid resume of released titles and a 9/10 finale gives those who do want to rejoin the industry an excellent set of credentials for future employment.


Sad to hear, but respect there reasons. They have consistently put out top quality games!


I’ve been alternating between this game and some others. My thoughts:

There’s a huge amount of freedom! In past games in this genre, you had fixed characters and starting points. With Shadow Gambit, you choose the characters for each mission, and where to start.

This massively changes how you can approach each mission. Essentially, it feels like you can tailor the experience to exactly what you want.

The maps/levels are also BIG which also accommodates the flexible approach to missions. In this screenshot below, my mission only focused on the bottom side of the map. I imagine I’ll revisit this stage later for other missions.

Game looks good too:


I loved the demo and will definitely pick up the full game in future.

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The game is still great, some DLC!


That was meant to be the final bit of content for the game, but there is also a modding tools update!