Some keyboard purchasing advice



Yea I am looking at the redragons and the rest, for now mine will do, I have a couple of keys that gets stuck but I can deal with it.


If you are happy atm then don’t change. BUT if you do decide to upgrade one of these days, def do consider mech


When I have some spare cash I will def do so, I will ask you for advice when I do


Forgot about this bad boy


Wow that looks much better. Is it really loud though?


My brother has that exact KB if I am not mistaken. Much quieter than MX Blue switches


Thanks. I will think about it. :smiley:


See that is the keyboard I want, just without the macro keys


I have one with macro keys but I never ever use it. So I rather pay a little less for something that I will use instead of everything I dont


That’s not my friends on discord say xD. Lots of people would say the Cherry blues and Razer greens are loud.


Blues are def loud, but can’t remember that my greens were that loud


Blues and greens are very similar. Still using my blackwidow with greens and they’re rather loud.


Since the we’re talking loud keyboards. Um @Mottamort what keyboard/keys do you use?


I always see this hype about mechanical keyboards and then start looking at the available options. But then remember that I have a perfectly functioning gaming keyboard that’s still going strong after 9 years.


Dunno if I should feel proud or ashamed of that one :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Razer Blackwidow Chroma, with I think the razer green switches.

And they are perfect amount of loudness, thank you :smiley:


Cherry MX Blues for me all the way. But that’s for mainly for typing, and gaming is still fine… And yes, they’re very loud.


I’ve only ever typed on Browns and Reds and kind of want to know what Blues are like. I wonder if i can walk into one of those computer stores and ask the guy if he’ll let me type on one of their keyboards…


Can you buy keys of different colours and replace the ones in your keyboard?


Are you talking about the switches? Or literal key cap colours?


You mean when you say the keys are brown they’re not really brown?


Nope, They are MX Cherry Brown SWITCHES