Some keyboard purchasing advice



Which should I get? Or do you have any alternatives to suggest in this price range?

keyboard 1


keyboard 2


I wouldn’t go for either.
Get a mechanical KB. Red Dragon has a nice budget one.

An if you do not need the numpad, get a 10 keyless, even better!



Why is mechanical so much better?


The feedback, response time, roll over, they last longer, anti ghosting, just to quickly mention a few reasons.

Once you have used a Mech KB for gaming you will never be able to use a Membrane KB.


It is the same with a SSD and 144hz screen. You do not really know what you are missing out on. Until you get it, then you know what you have been missing out on and won’t be able to go back again


Will get the Vara although I will get it from Rebel Tech, they selling it for R400 cheaper


I’m assuming the Vara uses it’s own type of mechanical keys? Might want to make sure you don’t get anything that relates to Cherry MX Blue switches unless you like making noise when you type late at night and keeping everyone awake


Has Keys similar to Cherry Greens. I love the louder more tactile keys though, especially blues. They are loud though


See for me that is a drawback again, I prefer quite keyboards, I actually go nuts when you hear someone bashing keys when gaming.

My cheapie K30 Corsair works well to not drives me nuts
My brother got the Redragon combo - this keyboard is part of it and I actually like it


But there are other switches like brown and black that you can not hear at all. Even quieter than most normal Membrane Keyboards


Sorry to hijack the thread. But @Flex do you know of any mechanical keyboards that are quiet, have a wrist rest and definitely the numpad?


Budget of ± ?

Look at Cherry MX Brown switches as I Mentioned above.

But look at something like the K70 perhaps?



Thanks for all the replies, the vara is the only one I can really afford, so ordered that one. I am not worried much about sound.


Wow thanks. Those are nice! A bit out of my budget though. I don’t need lights or anything. Looking for a keyboard for work.


Just look around for KB with Cherry MX brown switches. Those just popped up because I know they have wrist rest. I do not use KB with wrist rests so can’t think of any specific ones right off the bat now.


Thanks, I’ll search a bit later on. You’ve already helped a lot.


Razer has their own Green Switches, which are also not too loud


Yea but as much as I wanna I cannot justify spending R3k on just a keyboard - weirdly I will do that for sound tho (aka headset)


Maybe look into Logitech? I know they have a mechanical keyboard (G213) with a wrist rest but I’ve never typed on it so don’t know about the noise level.


Can easily get for close to 1K these days with brand like Red Dragon, Cougar and the likes