Some keyboard purchasing advice




The switches themselves, can you replace them?


If you are into building your own Mech KB then sure. Otherwise nope


Ahhh ok, so the switches in a bought keyboard are there, stuck, cant replace or fix them.



Yeah. But they won’t sommer break. Something crazy like 50 million cycles life time. MUCH more than membrane KB.

That is why when you buy a KB you must make sure it is the switches you are most comfortable with


I’ll have to keep that in mind if my G11 ever breaks.


In my case it is the cheapest keyb I could find, so will have to be happy with the switches. From what I read the cherry green switches are pretty good for touch typing which I do a LOT during the day. I spend hours on my keyboard.


The vara looks nice. I am certain you will be happy. Just clean it often (actually removing the key caps)


Yep this I am paranoid about, I clean my keyboards at work and home once a month properly!


Haha that’s awesome. Using the same keyboard. I’ve had this for so long but the keys still feel so heavy (Extended sessions) when compared to my old one with cherry browns.


Force Required of the switches differ, that would be why


Late to the party, but seconding @Flex’s recommendations for mechanical keyboards.

I went mechanical a few years back and the only other keyboards I find nearly as nice are Apple’s chiclet ones. But if you thought mechanical was expensive for what you get…

Not sure of the current prices, but I used a plainer (i.e. no lights) Corsair mechanical keyboard for a long time before I finally had the opportunity to switch to my ultimate keyboard—

While traveling in the US at the start of last year I got myself an IBM Model M, built under license by Unicomp. It uses buckling spring switches and is the greatest keyboard ever made. Don’t even try to change my mind, it isn’t possible.

(P.S. I’m pretty sure I have some of my old mechanical keyboards at home. When I get a chance to check, I’ll put them up for sale at substantial discount if someone wants them?)


Funny thing is my friend’s 4 year old Corsair mechanical keyboard has some failing keys while my 9yr old membrane one is still perfect :crazy_face:

Not that I’m saying that is the norm - in this case it’s more that my friend tends to wear down his peripherals way more than any gamer should!


Wow that is not normal at all!!




I was actually looking at a vintage IBM earlier today!


My keyboard from rebeltech got delivered to the wrong town by

The town I say in starts with an H and the town it went to starts with a M.

Idiots, now I have to wait 2 more days. Cannot believe people still fail reading.


Ai that is never lekker! Hope they sort it out quickly!


I hope you had a brilliant shouting match with them.


Naah, I find that shouting at the person tasked to work on the phone makes no difference other than spoil their day as well.

Rather take it higher up if I can.