Some keyboard purchasing advice



I have had The Courier Guy, Drop off a WHOLE pc that I bought from PE.
The left it with a guy and had a guy sign with totally a different name than what was on the waybill


I also take it higher up and then argue with the idiots who cannot read.


The better way to explain it

Membrane - entry level and without the sense of “I love it”
Mem-canical (Membrane mixed with mechanical feel) - similar price point to a decent membrane but with the sense of “I like it”
Mechanical - usually more expensive that membrane and mem-canical but with the sense of “I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and smash buttons”.

@Shrike If you in the area come pick up a Genius Scorpion K9 - I’ve got a spare you can have.


@RebelTech thanks but I was in your area I would not have had to get a keyboard delivered to me from Rebeltech :wink:


I spent a few days looking at keyboards and got the redragon k552 at half the normal price since raru had a special, great keyboard felt great but so Loud after 2 days I was just like nope, so to Gumtree it went and got a new home.

So ya Also looking for something, brown I suppose but at this point I think a decent membrane will be fine.


ja i also cant stand loud keyboards. i much rather prefer laptop like keyboards. i got the Cougar Vantar RGB keyboard which i love cause its quiet and look pretty of course.


Back in May, I bought myself the Redragon Devarajas RGB Mech keyboard.

An ideal keyboard for someone who wishes to start out in the mechanical spectrum, on a budget.


I’m only busy catching up with the forum now, after 2 days of basically not making it here.

I wanted to recommend my Logitech G710+, it is an amazing keyboard, however, it looks like it has been discontinued (I don’t see it with any of the normal suppliers). No idea what it’s replacement is.
I can honestly recommend MX Brown switches. They have a nice actuation force and they aren’t super loud and they are comfortable for typing.