Special Steamgifts Steam Group

I look at a lot of the MyGaming community group members and the MyGaming groups on Steam and a lot of those people aren’t active anymore. Should we not maybe start over?

Have a MEW group and then a special MEW group for special giveaways. One where you have to be level 3 to be part of it. Maybe level 2 to start with but then a couple of months down the line we move it to level 3 and kick everyone and they can’t complain because we’ll make it clear.

It gives a level to work towards and it’s simple. If you are active here then you get a chance to enter for some cool games.

What you think?


I think that’s the way to go , although I do feel level 3 is a bit excessive I have given away 25 games and I’m still on level 2,after wondering why I just read through the faq and I think the reason that might be because most of them where on Mygaming and it created a handicap.

“If a giveaway is invite only, or for a whitelist or Steam group, it will only add value towards your level if it receives 5 or more entries. This is in place to prevent small groups of friends from attempting to cheat the contributor system, and to encourage users to expand the reach of their giveaways. The whitelist feature offers an easy way to target a larger audience, and you can combine it with small Steam groups to receive a greater number of giveaway entries if needed.”


That combined with many of the games being part of Bundles also causes a lower increase.

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That is what I said, let’s start fresh, with the people active here. A new MEW steam group so that we can weed out inactive people. So that I can stop getting frustrated with inactive people winning. We can easily track who is not actually active in the group and block that person from entering. We can get the person who is creating a giveaway to block inactive people. Yes it’s more work but I am willing to play bad cop.

@Solitude will have to confirm, but I think he meant level 3 on the forum, not on steamgifts .

And yes, I’m fine with us starting over and creating new steam groups

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Yep new steam group sounds good, since we can go public now, i believe this is a good idea

@Blazzok is correct. I mean on the forum. Being level 3 on Steamgifts is illogical. Hehe the point of this special group is to increase forum activity not increase the amount of gifts given. :laughing:

note to self: be clearer in the future


O’k, indeed that makes more sense